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As Indian tea is more and more successfully sold to Pakistan, a tea delegation from India is visiting the country to study the prospe... ::
India will invest $1.1 billion to help its tea industry replant aging tea bushes and improve quality. The 15 year project will cover about 200,000 hectares in 1,000 of India's nearly 1,600 plantations, according to union Minister of State for Commerce Jairam ... :: Our Bureau
An Indian tea-delegation returning from Pakistan with 12 members was laying the foundations for increasing tea exports to Pakistan. ... :: Our bureau
An Indian tea delegation led by Tea Board chairman Basudeb Banerjee visited Egypt (and Pakistan) recently, to support marketing of In... :: Our Bureau
Marketing personnel is handing out samples of different varieties of their Tulsi tea, a special ancient Indian tea made from the herb Tulsi which is also called holy basil (sometimes spelled "Tulasi"; botanical name Ocimum sanctum). T... :: FII Reporter
Anheuser-Busch International Inc. from the USA and Crown Beers announced on February 22 that both companies have agreed to a joint venture to brew, market and distribute Budweiser and other brands in India. A new Greenfield Brewery is Part of Brewing, Marketin... :: Our Bureau
Indian food brand Patak's of UK is for sale. The brand of spices is considering a sale of part or all of its business, valued at GBP 200 mn. Patak's which turns 50 this year, has appointed Rothschild to review strategic options for the development of its bu... ::
New research has found that Western food is not as bad as the Indian bhatura or parathas, due to the percentage of trans-fatty acids (hydrogenated oils and fats). Their content in French fries (per 100 gm) is 4.2%-6.1%, but it is 9.5% in bhatura, 7.8% in parat... :: Our Bureau
About 10 per cent of Silicon Valley's population is Asian Indian, and many of them want homemade Indian food. Silicon Valley is thefore seeing a dramatic rise in the number of home-based Indian cooks serving the numerous IT professionals from India. Indian wo... ::
A survey among 15,000 hoteliers in Europe rates Japanese as best tourists, followed by Americans and the Swiss. The survey which was carried out by the German Institut GfK Group on behalf of the travel portal, asked questions in 10 categories like ... :: Our Bureau
YES Bank has launched a $100-million (approximately Rs 400 crore) private equity fund called the “Food and Agribusiness India Fund”. The objective of the fund is to invest in around 10-15 companies in the food and agribusiness sector. The bank is looking at r... :: Our Bureau
Russia banned imports of rice, groundnuts and sesame seeds originating from India citing poor quality of its produce. "Actual ban was in force from May 1, but import was allowed on the basis of earlier issued certificates. Now a complete ban has come into for... :: Our Bureau
Coca Cola India has said it may source orange pulp for its recently launched juice drink 'Minute Maid Pulpy Orange' from the domestic market. "We are quite keen on sourcing the orange pulp and orange concentrate from India itself for our domestic market," Coca... :: Our Bureau
Chennai based Taj Mahal Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. has launched a new rice brand – Moolgiri, claiming that it has low glycemic index, which can help diabetics to control their blood glucose levels. Glycemic index (GI) is a measure of a food to raise the blood ... :: Our Bureau
India produces around of 14-16 million tonnes a year, which makes the largest individual producer in the world. India exports to Europe and West Asia. But the exporters are not excited as they are fearing losing out their market to arch rival Pakistan due to ... :: Our Bureau
Poor quality barley grown in India has forced India’s second biggest beer producer, SABMiller to invest in improving barley cultivation in India. In a move indicating seriousness on the part of international brewers to source Indian raw materials, SABMiller h... :: Exclusive
Harrods’ team visited Kolkata to close deal with some of the leading names in the tea industry like McLeod Russel, Goodricke Group Ltd and Assam Co. Harrods is seeking premium quality tea from Indian producers. Moreover, the company has also bought more teas f... :: Our Bureau
An amendment to the Indian Food Act, to come into force from August 20, will make it mandatory for all packaged food sellers to state the ingredients in percentage terms and the nutritional value of each of them. The rules are being opposed by some Indian foo... :: Our Bureau
German wholesale food company Metro AG plans to introduce training as part of the portfolio of its Indian subsidiary Metro Cash & Carry India. The retailer is understood be in the process of establish training academies for small-scale independent retailers ... :: Our Bureau
To facilitate export of Indian fruit to Europe, Indian farmers in certain fruit growing pockets are to receive training in European Good Agricultural Practices (EurepGAP). The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) will coordinate th... :: Our Bureau
Over 40 Indian companies have so far registered to participate in this year’s Anuga food fair at Cologne, Germany during October, internationally acknowledged as one of the most prominent food fairs in the world. The strong Indian presence underscores the impo... :: Our Bureau
Refrigerated warehouses and perishable products cargo centres in India are reported to have attracted an investment of around $1.2 billion, a newspaper report said quoting industry analysts. Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Logistics, Kishore Biyani’s Future Group a... :: Our Bureau
After withdrawal of additional customs duty on imported wines and spirits by the Centre following pressure from the US and the EU, the Maharashtra government has decided to levy a special fee of 200% on imported Scotch and 150% on imported wines. A notificatio... :: Our Bureau
India’s fast growing retailing industry is getting into the private label business with many products in food and dairy coming under the individual retailer’s brand. Foodland, Reliance Retail, Food Bazaar, Subiksha are among the retailers who have come out wit... :: Our Bureau
Kraft Foods, the world's largest cookie maker, may launch its international biscuit brands in India. The company is looking at launching biscuit brands Oreo and Ritz, chocolate brands Toblerone and Milka, instant coffee brand, Maxwell Coffee House and the cere... :: Our Bureau
Food additives based on Indian agro raw materials have been recalled in Europe due to contamination with health damaging dioxin and PCP. Unipektin, a Swiss food manufacturer has ordered the worldwide recall of its guar gum products branded as Vidocrem, a food... :: Our Bureau
The Indian wine market will grow at an average rate of 22 per cent per annum and is likely to reach nine million litres by 2010, ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) has projected in a research paper. Factors fuelling this trend a... :: Our Bureau
The Indian food and beverage (F&B) industry is growing faster than IT and pharma. According to a study conducted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the F &B industry grew 8.5% during the last financial year, and the trend co... :: Our Bureau
Indian bottled water brand Bisleri would become an international brand as the company is all set to export mineral water to the US, EU, UAE and Japan. Bisleri would export its 'Natural Mountain Water' which was being bottled at its Uttarakhand facility, Ramesh... :: Our Bureau
The Indian ministry of food processing industries (MFPI) is introducing a scheme to upgrade the quality of street food in the country. While street food is very popular in India, its quality and hygiene leave much to be desired. The scheme has two parts - Saf... :: Our Bureau
The India Food Forum (IFF) was launched at the Indian Retailing Forum (IRF) conference in Mumbai last week by Mr Subodh Kant Sahai, Minister for Food Processing Industries. Encouraging the small shopkeepers to participate in the retail growth, the Minister sai... :: Our Bureau
Where there is champagne can caviar be far behind? so goes the saying. After the stupendous success of luxury wines in India where the market is estimated to be growing at 40% per annum, gourmet food companies are licking their lips to serve food and snacks to... :: Our Bureau
Drinking wine is a relatively new habit in India, compared to the consumption of other alcoholic beverages like whisky or beer. India is the biggest market for whisky in the world, but regarding wine, the market is quite small, but very promising. There are so... :: By M. A. Winter
Indian consumers, traditionally known to prefer fresh food ingredients such as flour, pulses, spices and vegetables, are turning to packaged ingredients offered by India’s new retailers. “Packaged ingredients have emerged as our best sellers accounting for ove... :: Delhi Bureau
German beer brand Kaltenberg is said to be in negotiations with Khoday India to sell its brand here on a royalty basis, a section of the Indian media reported. Bangalore based Khoday is a prominent manufacturer of spirits and beer and has recently got an orde... :: Delhi Bureau was among a select group of journalists who met Cobra Beer founder and CEO, Lord Karan Billimoria for an informal interview. Lord Billimoria is a member of the U.K. House of Lords and a first generation entrepreneur. Q. How would you des... :: Delhi Bureau
The UB Group has announced changes of key positions in Whyte & Mackay, United Spirits and United Breweries. Mr Ashwin Malik, who has been with the Group for 19 years has been promoted and named as Chief Executive of Whyte and Mackay Ltd. Mr Malik will relocat... :: Delhi Bureau
The stall of that Indian company at anuga was crowded, the smell of Indian food was in the air. To talk to Mr Jain of Pulse Foods was almost not possible. A crowd of curious people wanted to find out what was on display. Question after question kept Neeraj Jai... :: By M. A. Winter
Salomon FoodWorld, German supplier of finger food, has entered the segment of Indian finger food. India has reached Europe, Salomon analyses a new food trend and makes out several reasons for that: Bollywood movies are shown in German TV, a wellness philosoph... :: By M. A. Winter
APEDA, Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, an apex organization under the Ministry of Commerce of India, has jointly with ITPO organised a group participation of Indian companies. 50 companies were part of that group, exhibitin... :: By M. A. Winter
India is a vast country with a tremendous opulence of its agriculture and aquaculture, and that is the basis for the business models of many companies. Among them is Allanasons Ltd. from Mumbai. Allanasons, founded in 1865 and since then family owned, allows ... :: By M. A. Winter
Scotch whisky makers Diageo and Groupe Pernod Ricard have dropped prices of their key brands such as Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal respectively by 10-30% ahead of the Diwali festival week making them about 30%-50% above the price of the costliest Indian whis... :: Delhi Bureau
The Coffee retailing sector in India is booming today, with several companies active in the market. Some are local entities, some have come from abroad and have tied up with local companies, and some seem to prepare themselves for an entry sooner or later. The... :: By M. A. Winter
Hochwald, the German dairy products manufacturer whose milk based products are sold in over 126 countries was present at Annaporna World of Food in Mumbai last week. Area manager John Mueller told that his company was keen to introduce it... :: Delhi Bureau
Mithai- the traditional Indian sweats are giving way to chocolates among upwardly mobile Indians. Chocolate sales have risen by 15% in 2007 to reach 36000 tonnes according to one estimate. Another estimate puts the figure at 25000 tonnes. However, irrespective... :: Delhi Bureau
According to an exclusive interaction with Mr. David Carr Taylor chairman of Taylor & Shroff –fine wines and spirits - Taylor & Shroff are perhaps the only wines to compliment hot spicy food and curries of India food. There is hardly any other English wine in... :: Delhi Bureau
Food and beverage manufacturers from around the world planning to tap the rapidly growing Indian market are looking for importers, franchises and distributors. During interaction in the recent food and beverage shows of IFE India 2007 and Annapoorna World of ... :: Delhi Bureau
The Indian wine market was growing heavily in the last years, imports saw huge growth rates, and so wine was made a main topic of IFE. Predominantly, French and Italian wines were displayed and could be tasted, but also wine from Australia and other countries.... :: M. A. Winter talked to Kapil Nayyar, Assistant Director of luxury hotel The Grand, New Delhi, about the Indian market for beverages, the wishes of guests and visible trends, and about the challenge to be a F&B manager in an increasingly competitive en... :: M. A. Winter
Surya Food & Agro Limited (SFAL), makers of “PriyaGold” brand of biscuits and cookies aims to garner 25% market share of the Indian market for biscuits. The product basket of Priyagold has Butter Bite, Classic Cream, Kids Cream, Butter Lite, Big Boss, Marie ... :: Vincent Van Ross
Processed and unprocessed foods imported into India must be subject to the same stringent quarantine and residual analysis norms that Indian food exports are subjected in the west, a farmers association had demanded. According to the Consortium of Indian Farm... :: Our Bureau
Karnataka based Ken Agritech India Ltd has entered into an agreement with Sriram Fruit Processing Co-op Society, Mahabaleshwar, near Pune to source strawberry export to continental Europe. The overseas marketing will be done by Belgian company Jobrex N V that ... :: Our Bureau
An Indian banana variety, Nanjangud Bale has been patented under the Geographical Indication (GI) status granted to local communities to patent unique naturally occurring and processed foods, flowers and vegetables. This means the Nanjangud Bale will enjoy th... :: Our Bureau
High license fees and fear of attracting the “wrong” kind of clientele has forced many supermarkets from stocking beer and wine, despite a government ok to allow supermarkets and convenience stores to stock “milder” forms of alcoholic drinks such as beer and w... :: Our Bureau
Indian supermarket refrigerators are overflowing- not with colas but with juices and flavored milk- a study by has found. “From a 70:30 cola to other drinks ratio three to four years ago, it is now down to 40:50, a source from a Big Apple... :: Our Bureau
Indian trains that serve an estimated two million passengers per month, may get to serve McDonald’s burgers to some of them. McDonald’s North India franchisee, Vikram Bakshi was quoted as saying in a business news paper that his company was talking to the Indi... :: Our Bureau
Puratos, the bread and bakery ingredients major from Belgium, has launched wellness and health breads in India, and has announced the establishment of a plant and subsidiary in Mumbai. During AAHAR 2008 in New Delhi, Puratos has launched a complete range of... :: M. A. Winter
Indian spices exports are expected to cross $1 billon for the first time in history, and much of this is being credited to the humble chilli which has recorded production of 169,000 tonnes this year. This has come at a time when chilli and pepper prices rid... :: Our Bureau
One of the most important topics in India is inflation, especially of food prices. The Indian Government has just released the latest figure on inflation on April 4, stating an inflation of 7%. “The annual rate of inflation, calculated on point to point bas... :: M. A. Winter
The Indian beer market is in the focus of many players. The latest entry is the launch of Tiger beer, a fine beer brand Indians who have visited Singapore or Thailand might know already. The beer is also not totally new to the Indian beer market, as it was imp... :: Our Bureau
In a case initiated earlier by the USA, a WTO panel has ruled now that the US has failed to prove that the Indian additional duty and extra additional duty on alcoholic liquor is inconsistent with GATT 1994, thus discriminating against foreign producers. The ... :: Our Bureau
Leading American brewer Anheuser-Busch, maker of Budweiser and currently itself the target on the acquisition list of global beer leader InBev, has announced to purchase the remaining 50 percent ownership of the Crown Beers India Ltd. joint venture from its pa... :: Our Bureau
The Indian Dental Association (IDA), an authority on oral healthcare in India, has awarded the prestigious IDA Seal of Acceptance to the world’s largest sugar-free chewing gum brand, Wrigley’s Orbit. This makes Wrigley’s Orbit the first and only sugar-free che... :: Our Bureau
German supermarket giant Metro is to double its number of cash and carry outlets in India, as its rivals gear up to take advantage of the fast-growing economy. Henry Birr, Metro vice-president of international affairs, said at a news conference that the compa... :: Our Bureau
It was first PepsiCo which had announced to invest another $500 million in to the Indian market, then Nestlé announced to invest Rs 600 cr (approx. € 100 million) in India in 2009 for expansion of its business in the country. For Nestlé, this would be doubl... :: Our Bureau
India saw a delegation in these days from the German state Rhineland Palatinate. Among the participants who had been holding B2B-meetings in three towns was a German manufacturer of chocolate, WAWI-Schokolade AG from Pirmasens, represented by its President Dr.... :: M. A. Winter
A new study by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) states that the € 160 billion strong (Rs 8,80,000 crore) Indian food industry can achieve an additional Rs. 440,000 crore (US $ 100 billion) opportunities by year 2015, if certain co... :: Our Bureau
The Indian market for energy drinks was estimated recently to have a size of Rs 500 crore, about 90 million Euros. The market which is so far dominated by Red Bull, is attracting various new players which want to get a share in a growing business. One of the ... :: M. A. Winter
American ice-cream retailer Snowberry has announced that it would invest $50 million by 2010 to start its business in India to be known as Snowberry India Private Limited (SIP). The new entity will expand though franchising. The plan is to have 50 outlets in ... :: Our Bureau
The Government has now launched a Grape Processing Board in Pune, Maharashtra. The Minister of Food Processing Industries, Shri Subodh Kant Sahai, said that this board would provide a platform for the advocacy of Indian Wine Sector. The Board will promote coop... :: Our Bureau
Lately, India has become the eye candy of energy drink companies from various parts of the globe. One of them is Beverage Holdings, a company from down under Australia which has entered the Indian market already in 2006 and which is looking to expand their hol... :: FII Reporter
US Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton on July 19 visited the Indian Agricultural Research Institute at Pusa in the state of Bihar where she was welcomed by the Union Minister of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Shri Sharad Pawar... :: Our Bureau
The Indian beverage market offers hot options. So Dabur, the pioneer and one of the market leaders in the packaged fruit juices market, has recently launched a new drink which is called “Real Burrst”. This drink is a light fruit beverage with 4 flavors– Mixed ... :: By M. A. Winter
It is the Raksha Bandhan season again. Brother and sisters celebrate, and it is at that occasion that also sweets are consumed more than at other days. Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival, which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. It is c... :: Our Bureau
The World Spice Congress will take place in a few days in New Delhi. In that regard it is good to have a short look to the Indian spice industry. The information is provided by the Spices Board. India occupies a prominent position in the world spice trade. Th... :: Our Bureau
The Indian Grape Processing Board (IGPB) on May 8 in New Delhi organized a national conference on "The Indian Wine Sector - Potential & Challenges" to discuss the potential and challenges of the Indian wine industry. Minister of Food Processing Industries, Sub... :: Our Bureau
American kethcup giant Heinz Company reported excellent full-year and fourth-quarter results for the fiiscal 2010 as the company delivered dynamic double-digit organic sales growth in Emerging Markets. For the full year, sales grew 4.8% to a record $10.5 bill... :: Our Bureau
India with its growing economy – 8% in 2010 – its growing population of 1.2 billion, which will overtake China in 2025, and its growing middle class, is a very attractive market for food processing companies. The big growth potential for companies derives fro... :: M. A. Winter
Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have come together along with other beverages makers and bottlers to form the Indian Beverage Association (IBA), which should become the industry’s interface with the government and its rules and regulations. IBA will have several tasks ... :: Our Bureau
The Indian wine industry has been witnessing phenomenal growth in recent years and the proliferation of brands has only led to an evolution in consumer taste. At the same time, the Indian consumers would become more and more discerning, an outcome of the incre... :: Our Bureau
India’s domestic food market is projected to grow heavily from the current level of US$ 181 billion to US$ 258 billion in 2015, but now the rising demand for specific skills and available supply has eroded the competitiveness of the industry, says a new FICCI ... :: Our Bureau
Despite the Indian food industry’s strong market growth potential of 40% by 2015 to touch USD 258 billion from the current USD 181 billion and accounting for a spend of about 21% of GDP, the industry is buffeted by 15 major challenges that have depressed its ... :: Our Bureau
In the past, has written already several times about the changing consumer habits and emerging trends in the Indian sweets and confectionery sector. Thereby, a decreasing importance of Indian traditional sweets (mithai), and a trend towar... :: Our Bureau
The wine and spirits industry is on the path to recovery following a hard 2009 during which many markets were affected by the credit crunch, according to The IWSR’s Forecast Report 2010-2015. Several countries and categories are returning to stability or gro... :: Our Bureau
Anand Sharma, Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, when inaugurating the India Show at Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, expressed his hope that the ongoing show will be a unique opportunity for the African businesses to deepen and strengthen existing ties and ... :: Our Bureau
India's beer consumption in the peak summer months declined for the first time in eight years. Volume sales in the first quarter summer are estimated at 71 million cases (of 9 litre each), which was 5% below the year ago period. Maharashtra (-10%) and another... :: Our Bureau
One of the largest Sub chains in the world – 30 years old Quiznos - has set up the first flagship store at Hyderabad. USA based Quiznos, one of the largest Sub Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) chains in the world with over 4000 stores in over 35 countries, has ... :: Our Bureau
Leading international food fair anuga has opened its doors on October 8 in Cologne Germany. Dr. Charan Das Mahant, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries, inaugurated the Indian pavilion at the fair. He is leading the Indian official... :: Our Bureau
The Indian market for food and beverages is growing strongly. To better network, introduce and market food & beverage products you may use a platform like which is known worldwide as a base of knowledge about the Indian markets. You can... ::
Café Coffee Day, the first Indian Coffee chain to open a branch in Pakistan, is to come up with two more outlets in the next few months and 30-50 more in the next three to five years. Amin Hashwani of the Hashwani Group, the franchise partner, has said he pla...
After capturing major shares in several Indian states, Ritza Wine Pvt Ltd, owners of the country's biggest vineyard, is now looking to capture the UK and Malaysian markets. With just six years experience in wine making, RWPL, which owns 600 acres of grape farm...
India is the world's second largest producer of food next to China, and has the potential of being the biggest with the food and agricultural sector. The processing food segment accounts for 29.4 billion, in a total estimated food market of about USD 91.7 bill... :: Our Bureau
Palm oil prices are set to jump more than 20 percent by year-end as global oilseed stocks get depleted and demand from the food and fuel sectors surges, industry officials said during the annual palm oil conference in the Malaysian capital. Malaysian palm, whi... :: Our Bureau
The new shareholding pattern of Amalgamated Plantations (APPL), the company formed by Tata Tea after restructuring its North Indian Plantation Operations (NIPO), is close to finalisation. The Tata group will hold nearly 33-35% in APPL, routed through Tata Inve... :: Our Bureau
Brewing giant SABMiller has plans to acquire rival Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) in a $12.8 billion deal. More companies could joint the race for S&N as SABMiller could face regulatory hurdles. S&N is a partner of Vijay Mallya's United Breweries group. The two c... ::
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. and W Hotels formally launched aloft Hotels in India on April 05 at the 3rd Hotel Investment Conference South Asia in Mumbai. Drawing on the power of W Hotels - a global lifestyle brand with 21 properties in the most ... :: Our Bureau
Global spirits giant Diageo is planning to enter the Indian wine and beer segments, in addition to the spirits already marketed. The plan is to market Guniness beer which will be locally bottled from 2008. The company has also roped in a senior manager to est... ::
INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 2007, the international lead fair for Wine, fruit and fruit juice technologies in Stuttgart, Germany, has received approximately 40.000 trade visitors from 79 countries. 594 exhibitors have displayed their products and services on a tota... :: By M. Winter
Britannia, the company controlling over 38% of the Indian biscuit market, has probably emerged as India's leading bread producer. Biscuits contribute to nearly 90 % of Britannia's total turnover, but the rest coming from a portfolio that includes Cakes, Bread ... :: Our Bureau
US-based coffee retailer Starbucks has filed a revised application with the Foreign Investment Promotion Board for a market entry into India. Starbucks would go the franchise route, sources said, and may open upto 100 oulets already in early next year. The ea... ::
India will climb from its current position as the twelfth-largest consumer market today to become the world's fifth-largest consumer market by 2025, according to a new study by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). This will happen if India continues on its cu... :: Our Bureau
Metro Cash & Carry Pvt Ltd, the Indian arm of German wholesaler Metro AG, will open the next center either in Kolkata or in Mumbai, depending on the outcome of matters at the Kolkata court. According to sources, the construction of its first store in Kolkata ... :: Our Bureau
The central government is likely cut the duties on imported alcoholic beverages. This might come now after the European Union has made several official complaints at the WTO against India's excessive duty and taxes on imported spirit drinks. On 26 March 2007, ... :: By M. Winter
Danish beer major Carlsberg has said it has acquired a brewery in Himachal Pradesh to tap the Indian market potential. The acquisition was being carried out by the company's joint venture, South Asia Breweries, in which it held 45% stake, Carlsberg said in a s... :: Our Bureau
Ginger Hotels, the Gen Next Smart Basics hotels from Tata's Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), has announced an innovative partnership with Café Coffee Day. Launching this May, the Ginger Hotel in Bangalore will have a Café Coffee Day outlet as the latest g... :: Our Bureau
June 1 is the World Milk Day. The day was founded by FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN) in 2001 and it offers an opportunity to celebrate all aspects of milk. The day also provides a possibility to focus attention on what is happening on the w... :: By M. Winter
Associated British Foods plc (“ABF”) the international food, ingredients and retail group has announced on May 29 that it will acquire the business of Patak’s from the founding Pathak family. Completion is subject to a number of conditions, including regulator... :: Our Bureau
India cashew exporters are likely to receive orders for broken grades of cashew in Japan, going by the response to the experiment of introducing value-added Indian cashew products such as `kaju kathli' and `halwa' at the 32nd international food and beverages e... :: Our Bureau
The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), in an effort to boost exports of shrimps, has developed a disease-free rootstock for promoting its cultivation in India. Around 55 per cent of the value of marine products comes from exports of frozen ... :: Our Bureau
The government has asked the Wadia group which is controlling Britannia to disclose all the JV and technical collaboration agreements it has with Groupe Danone in India and abroad, according to media reports. Danone and Britannia are business partners since 1... :: Our Bureau interviewed Mr. Praveen C. Kumar, Resident Manager, Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, on the paradigm shift taking place in the Indian food retailing industry and its impact on the F & B supply-chain management of luxury hotels. Sachin Sharma
French food major Danone group is building up its Indian management team for its independent India strategy. The company has hired Sudhir Dasgupta, former chief financial officer of Max India, as its CFO, and Vibhu Nanda, earlier regional sales head (south) of... :: Our Bureau
India and the United States on Tuesday reviewed the agriculture knowledge initiative (AKI), a joint effort of Prime Minster Mr Manmohan Singh and US President Mr George Bush, with emphasis on the food-processing sector. The Minister for Food Processing Indust... :: Our Bureau
United Spirits Ltd (USL), the flagship of the UB Group, has acquired 100 per cent equity in Scottish spirits maker Whyte & Mackay for £ 595 million (about Rs 4,783 crore or 870 million Euro). The deal was signed in May in Glasgow, Scotland. Whyte & Mackay, fo... :: Our Bureau
United Spirits Limited (USL) has found a way of inducing health-conscious Indians to drink by introducing “diet” versions of beer, whisky and vodka. Romanov vodka became the latest entrant to come with a “diet” tag, after Kingfisher diet (beer) and McDowell N... :: Our Bureau
The recent surge of palm oil prices to record highs globally, has forced the Indian government to cut the custom duties to control the prices of palm oil. As the other edible oils prices are also shooting up, users have little alternatives but to pay up, accor... :: Our Bureau
Indian government is planning to cut additional customs duty up to 150% on foreign wine and spirit to make the tax structure to meet WTO norms. It is good sign for scotch makers as they are planning to capture the Indian market. Presently Indian scotch market ... :: Our Bureau
India’s food retailing sector can enhance ruler income by cutting inflation, according to Crisil, India’s premier credit rating agency. Crisil says in its recent research that organized food retailing can increase farm income and rural spending, which can boos... :: Our Bureau
Delhi will get India's first Starbucks store by October. The American coffee chain plans to set up five stores in the capital. It hopes to open the Delhi store in October. The coffee retailer's application to the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) was... :: Our Bureau
The Indian government is trying to contain the human disaster which has happened in West Bengal and Assam after tea gardens had been closed down. A court inquiry has acknowledged last month that hundreds of tea workers had died from diseases linked with malnut... :: Our Bureau
In order to ally consumer fears over pesticides, Pepsi India has decided to put a purity seal on its brands. The seal will read: “One Quality Worldwide”. The seal will appear on labels of its carbonated beverages, non-carbs, flavours, Tropicana juices, sport ... :: Our Bureau interviewed Mr. Sundeep Kumar, director corporate affairs, SABMiller on the reasons behind the stupendous growth in the Indian beer market, future prospects and roadblocks. The Indian beer industry ... :: Our Bureau
For the third year, India tops the Index as one of the most attractive countries for global retailers, followed by Russia and China. As larger cities in India, China and Russia reach retail saturation, some retailers are entering countries through smaller seco... :: Our Bureau
The Indian government approved a new action plan for the food processing sector aiming at helping the industry double its share in global food trade by 2015. "The Cabinet gave in-principle approval to the Integrated Strategy for Promotion of Agri-business -- ... :: Our Bureau
Ministry of agriculture likely to produce guidelines for agriculture produce and processed food items. The standard, IndiaGAP (good agricultural practices), would be based on the lines of EurepGAP, Codex Alimentarius and other certification protocols. The ado... :: Our Bureau
Budweiser, one of the world's popular beer brands was recently launched in India. Its maker Anheuser-Busch(A-B), the world's largest brewer, has marked out its flagship beer Budweiser in India. A-B's India operations are being looked after by Crown Beer. It st...
The world`s largest branded yoghurt maker, Group Danone is planning to enter the world`s largest yoghurt market, India. Indications are that the French giant, in an effort to patch up with the Wadias of Britannia, may give up its claims on the Indian biscuit ... :: Our Bureau
The Tata group has acquired a 70% stake in Innovative Foods Ltd.(IFL), which owns "Sumeru" branded frozen foods in India. Sumeru sells frozen prawn, fish, sausages, salami and partly-cooked foods such as french fries. Stock market sources reported that the Ta... :: Our Bureau
Major fresh vegetables exporters like Bharti’s FieldFresh and Reliance have made a lot of marketing efforts to place their produce directly in stores in the EU, UK and US, thus saving also on agency costs. In places like London, they sell mangoes, okra or litc... :: Our Bureau
Nestle India is eyeing food companies which it can buy to speed up growth. Though no names are out as yet, the market is agog that the Swiss major has its eyes on companies in the water, yoghurt and packaged milk segments. Potential buyouts could be across ex... :: Our Bureau
Global supermarket chains such as Wal-Mart,Tesco, Carrefour and Metro may be sourcing Indian fruit and vegetables if a government proposal of quality certification and cold chain network gets going. The ministry of food processing is understood to have made ... :: Our Bureau
As expected already in the last weeks, the Government of India has withdrawn the additional customs duty on imported spirits, wines and beers on July 3, and has thus made a first move in a dispute about high duties on spirits and wines with the European Union,... :: By M. A. Winter interviewed Mr. Manjit S. Gill, Executive Corporate Chef of ITC-Welcomgroup hotel chain on the company’s procurement strategy and restaurant expansion plans. ITC-Welcomgroup has created some of India’s most exclus... :: Our Bureau
The Tata Group has reportedly indicated it is looking to set up supermarkets in the country alongside Australian retail giant Woolworths. While some reports indicated that it could be a joint venture, others said both may retain their individual brands but di... :: Our Bureau
Chennai based Hatsun Agro Products Ltd’s brand, Arun Ice Creams plans to launch premium ice cream outlets called “Arun Ice Cream Unlimited”. This will be in addition to its already extensive network of franchaisee stores. Hatsun Agro’s Chairman and Managing D... :: Our Bureau
Reliance Retail has entered the dairy sector with the launch of its liquid milk brand called ‘Dairy Pure’. The milk was test launched in Hyderabad earlier this week. Available across 43 Reliance Fresh stores in Andhra Pradesh, the liquid milk branded Relianc... :: Our Bureau announces the launch of a dedicated section for jobs in the Indian food industry. The need for such a site arises from the fact that existing job sites were found not to be addressing the specific requirements of the food, beverages, ret... :: By the Editor
Nestle will soon roll-out Nido, the world’s largest selling children’s milk powder brand, in India. A manufacturing facility has been set up at Moga. Nido is being test-marketed in Kerala and will be launched in other parts of the country in phases. The compa... :: Our Bureau
InBev India International Ltd, a joint venture between Ravi Jaipuria and German InBev will enter India with a German beer Lowenbrau. This will be followed by two more international brands Stella Artois and Beck’s, a business daily reported. Lowenbrau, the fir... :: Our Bureau
Dr. Oetker, the German food company may soon start Indian operations with its baking, desserts, muesli and frozen pizza range. The company officially launched its baking range at Hypercity Mall in Mumbai during mid-July. Adetti Gaurr, marketing manager, Dr.... :: Our Bureau
Prices of milk and butter might increase upto 50% in the next days in Germany as new agreements of dairy factories and retailers will come into effect on August 1st after the supply of the raw material has been shrinking for months. The same happens in other E... :: By M A Winter
A quiet revolution is sweeping across the Indian milk trade, long dominated by cooperatives. Privately-owned dairies are slowly elbowing into a space thought the exclusive preserve of the non-profit cooperative movement. Though cooperatives such as Amul (Guja... :: Our Bureau
Maersk India Pvt Ltd, the Indian subsidary of the Dutch container giant, has plans to export banana from India, which produces 23% of the global banana production but which has negligible exports. The steps being undertaken include facilitating research in ... :: Our Bureau
Soups and soap maker Unilever announced "broad-based sales growth accross all regions and categories” on Thursday in Rotterdam when presenting its second quarter and half year results. The producer of Dove soap, Lipton tea and Knorr soups reported a 3% growth... :: Our Bureau
Starbucks was growing in the last financial quarter by 20% mainly through opening of new outlets, but has also put India plans on hold. Starbucks has published the financial results for its fiscal third quarter ended July 1, 2007. According to that, company... :: Our Bureau
Diageo, maker of Johnnie Walker scotch, Captain Morgan rum and other premium international brands, has found a way to beat high Indian import duties by launching a locally made brand, “Masterstroke”. Barely 100 days after launch, Masterstroke has sold 100,000... :: Our Bureau
PepsoCo is close to acquire a local juice brand in India. Media reported that PepsiCo's Indian branch, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd., was close to purchasing a juice brand in India. The acquisition target had been identified, as was confirmed by PepsiCo In... :: Our Bureau
US-based Best Western International, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona, one of the world’s largest hotel chains of independently owned and operated hotels, has announced its plans to add more than 100 hotels and 10,000 rooms to the “burgeoning Indian hospitality marke... :: Our Bureau
The smaller retail formats, known as “Aunt-Emma-Shops” in Germany, will return in the near future, because of convenience and other factors, says a new study by consultancy firm McKinsey. The findings may have some relevance also for India. Consumers have bee... :: By M. A. Winter
Bharti Enterprises and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., one of the biggest retailers of the world, have announced the signing of an agreement to establish Bharti Wal-Mart Private Limited, a joint venture for wholesale cash-and-carry and back-end supply chain management ... :: Our Bureau
Organised retail and modern wholesale which have come to India in recent times have brought also new job profiles and individual competencies on demand which are far away from the jobs done in traditional mom-and-pop shops. A mom-and-pop shop is normally a r... :: By M. A. Winter
FICCI, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, has proposed to solve the problem of lacking cold chain facilities in India which leads to subsequent gigantic wastages through longer tax holidays for investors. In a detailed note to the Fin... :: Our Bureau
India's earnings through coffee exports are likely to rise to Rs.20,000 million (approximately €364 million) by 2010 from the current level of Rs.16,500 million, ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) has forecasted. The quantity is e... :: Our Bureau
Nestle India is planning specially formulated milk for people who may be lactose-intolerant or diabetic. These milk products are planned to be introduced in six months. India is said to have the world’s largest population of diabetics and an undocumented, thou... :: Our Bureau
IT companies, elite management institutes are discovering that the way to an employee’s or student’s heart is through the stomach. Long known for providing Spartan food, Indian campuses are about to get a doze of gourmet food which is served by well known res... :: Our Bureau
After a failed partnership plan with Starbucks, Pantaloon Retail is understood to have signed up with California-based Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. According to a report in an India business daily, the deal has been signed with the U.S. coffee chain through its ... :: Our Bureau
The avarage WPI inflation rate (Wholesale Price Index) increased to 5.4 % from 4.4 % a year ago, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said in its annual report which has just been published. Inflation remained within the targets of RBI. Among the three major groups ... :: By M. A. Winter
Tuna exports from India have risen 88 per cent over last year to touch Rs 130 crore this year. The Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA) is in the process of introducing new technology and products to boost exports of value-added tuna. Kuruv... :: Our Bureau
Cadbury India is making one more attempt at the festival time gifts market with a brand new “celebration” TV commercial. The company has been trying to get Indians to gift chocolate instead of traditional Indian sweets and dry fruit. The company is launching ... :: Our Bureau
Ziemann Group, based in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart in Germany, has founded Ziemann India, a 100 percent subsidiary, with its registered office in Pune, the company has informed. Ziemann is one of the world`s leading designers and builders of brewing plants. I... :: By M. A. Winter
Restaurant chain Nirula's, well-known in Delhi and Northern India, has recently announced a plan to become a national player in the hospitality industry. To achieve that, the company will open more than 150 new outlets until 2009. The expansion plan comes clos... :: By M. A. Winter
To achieve $2 billion seafood sales by 2008 and $6 billion by 2015, the Indian seafood export industry would launch a campaign to build brand equity in the U.S., E.U., and Japan. The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has appointed Lintas Per... :: Our Bureau
The rising economy of India is feasting on Australian fine food and wine. Food and beverages exports to India rose from A$115 million in 1997-98 to A$201 million in 2006-07. According to agency reports, Tim Harcourt, chief economist of Austrade, the Australia... :: Our Bureau
Reliance Retail (RRL) has posted a net loss of Rs 10.9 crore in the first year of its commercial operations, the latest annual report of RIL says. The loss was on a total income of Rs 259.85 crore. The loss has dampened the spirits of India’s retailing compan... :: Our Bureau
Brown-Forman Corp., manufacturer of the iconic American whisky brand, Jack Daniels sees sales in India doubling over the next 5 years contributing 3 percent of its annual income, a top official said. "The Indian market is extremely important for us. It is ... :: Delhi Bureau
With an eye on importing Indian food, the European Union (EU) plans to set up food testing facilities in six locations in India by investing Rs 40 crore under an initiative of the EU-India Trade and Investment Development Programme (TIDP). The EU emphasises o... :: Delhi Bureau
In India where brands are differentiated by price and a higher alcoholic content is perceived as an indication of better quality, Carlsberg has broken new ground by launching the Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer. The brand aims to establish itself as a leading... :: Delhi Bureau
Dabur India Limited, the pioneer in the Chyawanprash category, has announced its entry into the Malted Food Drink (MFD) market with the launch of a new product, Chyawan Junior, an aryuvedic chocolate drink. The new product marks the transformation of Chyawanp... :: Our Bureau
CTG Trambusti Gigliola, an Italian company specializing in the export and marketing of fine Italian wines, is targeting the growing appetite for wine in India. Its Sales Manager for India, Mr. Swadhin Panda, told that the price mark-up f... :: Delhi Bureau
On Saturday, the 29th Anuga will open its gates and a total of 6,607 suppliers from 95 nations will be exhibiting their food and beverage products. The fair, according to organizer Koelnmesse “the world's largest and most important trade fair for the internati... :: Our Bureau
There are several Indian companies at anuga which have nice and large stalls. ITC is one of them. A report on ITC will be brought later. :: By M. A. Winter
Mrs. Bector’s Food Specialities, a company from Ludhiana in Punjab which operates 4 plants, is another success story of an Indian company in the food processing industry. All began when Mrs. Bector started to make home made ice cream which was liked by many pe... :: By M. A. Winter
Swani Spice Mills is one of the 2600 registered Indian exporters of spices, be it chilli, cumin, ginger or pepper. All together, the have shipped 373.750 tonnes of spices overseas. A sampling of Swani Spices. Swani, whose plant is located just outside Mumbai... :: By M. A. Winter
Indian industrial giant ITC has come with a big team and a large and nicely designed stall to anuga to make its presence felt and presented to the public for the first time a complete range of frozen products under its brand “Kitchens of India”. In the last y... :: By M. A. Winter
Fun Foods from New Delhi is a player which is quite well established in the local Indian market. Some of its products like the mango chutney are known to many people in India. This is also no wonder, as Fun Foods supplies chutneys and salad dressings to resta... :: By M. A. Winter
Ravi Food is one of the few Indian manufacturers of chocolates. Apart from that, biscuits, wafers and confectionery like toffees and candies are produced, all marketed under the brand name “Dukes”. To make chocolate in India requires special efforts due to th... :: By M. A. Winter
The Indian evening at anuga, organised by FICCI and presented as “Indian Tastes 2007”, was the platform for several high ranking speakers to speak about chances and opportunities in the Indian agriculture and in the food processing industry. The Hon'ble Minis... :: By M. A. Winter
At anuga, had a chance to talk to Vineet Chhabra, Managing Director and Group CEO of The Global Green Company, which is headquartered in Bangalore. For the first time, Global Green was present at the food fair together with Intergarden, ... :: By M. A. Winter
At anuga, 470 companies out of 6600 exhibitors had arrived from China. The majority of them was part of a group participation which had their stalls one after another in the Rheinparkhalle at Koelnmesse. The Rheinparkhalle was a bit away from the other new ha... :: By M. A. Winter
J.S. International, a company from the J.S Group of companies, is on expansion course in the trade of buffalo meat. After having started in 1978 with the manufacture of horse riding equipment, J.S Group expanded later to pet food, bird and horse food products... :: By M. A. Winter
The Domina Hotel Group from Italy has announced its plans for a market entry into India with 25 new hotels together with Indian partner Shristi Corporation. Both partners will form a joint venture divided in equal parts that will control the management of the... :: Our Bureau
Whereas in India discussions are on about the model-APMC (Agricultural Marketing Produce Committee) which should facilitate direct buyer-seller interaction in Indian agriculture, and about the possible role organised retail could play as marketing arm for trad... :: Our Bureau
Starbucks and PepsiCo have recently announced that they are expanding their relationship beyond North America. The world’s largest coffee chain and PepsiCo have signed a deal to sell Starbucks ready-to-drink beverages in international markets, including those ... :: Our Bureau
Drink technology plus PET India, the trade show for hard and soft drinks besides bottling and preservatives, is scheduled to be held in Mumbai on November 29 and 30. Organized by Munich International Trade Fairs and partners VDMA and PETplanet, the show is bei... :: Delhi Bureau
In India, opportunities are plenty, particularly in food and agriculture. A company which has combined the two sectors into its activities is Neo Foods from Bangalore. Founded only 2 years ago, Neo Foods has already become a well known exporter of pickled vege... :: By M. A. Winter
The drinks business is booming. India is one of the markets where companies see already high growth rates and expect a long lasting upswing in the years to come. Ball Corporation, a $6.6 billion company from the US and leading supplier of high-quality metal a... :: Our Bureau
Metro AG which is operating as a cash & carry wholesaler in India has found private labels (product brand names owned by Metro) as a good way of differentiating its products from those of established brands. Metro must sell only to registered retailers such as... :: Delhi Bureau
Today, Annapoorna – World of Food India 2007 opens at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai. The food fair, which is organised by Indian industry association FICCI together with Koelnmesse, Germany, will be held until 21. November in a facility close to the M... :: Our Bureau interviewed Mr. R.J.Oswal of HILDEN Bottling, one of India's leading bottling equipment manufacturers. Excerpts from the interview. 1) How did HILDEN bottling company start. Ans. In 1972, two ambitious engineers established a company to... :: Delhi Bureau
Participating in the Annapoorna World of Food (AWOF) show held in Mumbai, Germany’s CMA Central Marketing which was representing several German food, dairy and beverage manufacturers is bullish on India. Mr Burkhard Endemann, Exportmarketing, CMA told Foodindu... :: Delhi Bureau
One of the most interesting exhibits at Annaporna World of Food India in Mumbai was by Kaneriki Bussan Co., Ltd, Tokyo which is promoting the fusion of Indian and Japanese cuisine to create unique eating experience. According to Mr. Katsuichi Kawashima, Presi... :: Delhi Bureau
Mumbai played host to the World of Food (WOF) India trade show in November which attracted over 5000 trade and professional visitors looking to see the latest trends and innovations in food and beverages from India and around the world. Japan had one of the l... :: Rupert Sutton
KHS from Germany is an international manufacturer of filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food, and non-food industries. At Brau Beviale in Nuernberg, talked to Partho Ghose, Vice President Business Development of KHS in India,... :: M. A. Winter
IFE, the Indian fair of global IFE food fairs, has opened its gates on Thursday for visitors to experience the world of food, wine, and various equipments. The Minister of State for Industry, Mangat Ram Singhal, was the chief guest at the opening ceremony. Mo... :: M. A. Winter
One of the most colourful stalls at IFE was the one of Turkish company dünya 93 with their Kervan brand of sweets. On display on the shelves were jellies and candies, bubble gum, and lecoric, which itself come in various colours. In addition, the packing itsel... :: M. A. Winter
Goldstar Impex is a young Indian wine importing and distributing company under the leadership of Sanjeev Arora, who is actively promoting his import range of wines from France and Spain. Among them are the wines from Maureen Kerleau. Mme. Kerleau is very acti... :: M. A. Winter
From an agricultural country like India, which is the biggest milk producer of the world, observers would expect that also a huge variety of cheese is produced. But besides paneer, which is even not a cheese for the European tongue, the supply is quite small. ... :: M. A. Winter
The visitor to IFE had the chance to experience not only the red wine, which is a part of the famous “Mediterranean” cuisine, but also olive oil, which like wine is said to have positive effects on health. Instead of butter, people in Southern Europe have it w... :: M. A. Winter
There were several group participations at IFE India 2007. One of them was from Austria, the small but dynamic neighbour of Germany. For them, it was even the first time that this country has sent a group participation to a food fair in India, Franz Ernstbrun... :: M. A. Winter
India is one of the fastest growing markets for cheese with annual growth pegged at 20% with a total consumption of about 7,000 tons a year according to an official of the Indian Agri-Commodity Federation. With one of the largest consumer bases in the world, c... :: Vincent Von Ross
The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has again proposed measures to be taken to re-energize the lagging agricultural sector and to boost the food processing industry. This comes after some major proposals had been given by FICCI r... :: Our Bureau
The year 2007 seems to have ended on a good note for the non-aerated soft drink industry in India. The year has been good for the various pulpy drinks and juice manufacturers. The taste and the buying trend of the Indian consumer have seen a drastic change dur... :: Manu Tewari
Designer packaging, refrigerated transportation, temperature-controlled storage and attractive display of different varieties of cheese are part of the emerging market strategy of cheese producers in the face of an encouraging upward trend in the consumption o... :: Vincent Van Ross
With the launch of “Fresh LePaneer”, Dabon International Private Limited (DIPL) has introduced a branded world-class cottage cheese (locally called “paneer”) produced with global expertise, into the Indian cheese market for the first time. Dabon International... :: Vincent Van Ross
The Indian culture and eating habits are fast changing to a more healthy and advanced life style and so is drinking habit. People here have now learnt to complement wine with their foods and so have the manufacturers both from India and abroad. There are wine... :: Manu Tewari
For the calorie conscious and the weight conscious users of dairy products there is some good news from the topmost brand in Indian dairy products—‘Amul.’ Its recent introductions include ‘Amul Lite’ –a low-calorie bread spread and ‘Amul Lite and Trim Milk’... :: Vincent Van Ross
An Indo-German strategic partnership in agriculture was agreed in 2007, when the Parliamentary Secretray of State of the German Ministry Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Dr. Müller, was on a visit to India and met the Indian Minister for ... :: M. A. Winter
Ginger has made a career. In Asia, especially in India, where ginger is grown for 3000 years, ginger is used not only in the kitchens, but is seen as a natural medicine. The positive health effects would fill a long list, including the treatment directions. Ay... :: M. A. Winter
Coca Cola India, the local unit of the world's largest beverages maker, on Monday got a confirmation from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) that no pesticides were found in the water used for making soft drinks. New Delhi based TERI conducted an inde... :: Our Bureau
Wal-Mart and Carrefour are still leading the ranks of the world’s retailers, says a new study about the 250 largest retailers in the world. On the other 8 ranks among the world’s top ten, several newcomers have jumped forward. Like Tesco from UK, which is on r... :: Our Bureau
The strongly growing Indian beer market has its first acquisition of the year. Cobra Beer, which is owned by Karan Billimoria, has acquired a controlling stake in Iceberg Industries, a brewery based in Bihar with a production capacity of 3 million cases per ye... :: Our Bureau
Bosch Packaging Technology, the packaging machinery division of the global player Bosch which is well-known in the global automotive industry, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Goa, India, to get a greater access to the growing customer base in the bo... :: Our Bureau
The retail sector is still closed for foreign investment (FDI). An argument often heard why the sector should remain closed for FDI is the existence of millions of small retailers, who should not loose their business and thus, their livelihood, when big superm... :: M. A. Winter
Organic food might be hot in Europe and the US, but in India consumers find little value in organic foods. For the record organic foods are those food products produced with natural fertilizers and shun chemical based crop enhancement and protection inputs. A... :: Our Bureau
A long awaited deal has gone through on last Friday, when Heineken, Carlsberg and Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) have jointly announced that they have reached agreement of the terms under which both Carlsberg and Heineken together will acquire S&N, the biggest bre... :: M. A. Winter
India –made Vintage Wines’ brand, Reveilo, sporting an Italian- sounding name has acquired the distinction of being the most expensive wine brand in India and if media reports are to be belived- has become a hot-seller. Reveilo has helped its producers, Vinta... :: Our Bureau
Indians like it sweet, often very sweet, but among the global chocolate producing countries, India’s rank is negligible. The big producers are the USA and Germany. When Germany had its sweets fair ISM a few days ago in Cologne, the number 4 producer of the wo... :: M. A. Winter
This weekend marks the start of a coming week full of events for the Indian food professional, as various organisations are holding conferences, seminars or business meets. The first event is the 3rd National Quality Conclave by the Quality Council of India, ... :: Our Bureau
The Indian government has delisted 79 items from the list of products reserved for the small scale industry sector with a notification on February 5. Among the de-reserved items are also 4 food products, namely pastry, hard boiled sugar candy, rape-seed oil... :: Our Bureau
Prevented by law from advertising beer and other alcoholic drinks in the mass media, beer producers in India have resorted to surrogate advertising- that is advertising mineral water or other non-alcoholic drinks and even CDs with the same name as the alcoholi... :: Our Bureau
Prices of lamb and chicken, the staple meat for most Indians, are slowly inching upwards on the back of demand coming from those converting from a largely vegetarian diet to an increasing portion of non-vegetarian food. Price of fish, which is a near-staple di... :: Our Bureau
Four Seasons, the wine subsidiary of United Spirits (USL) plans to launch two new wine ranges in the Rs. 375-Rs.500 a bottle towards the year end in time for the Diwali and Christmas seasons. The company had launched a mid-priced brand “Zinzi” earlier priced ... :: Our Bureau
A view on the Indian retail scenario was given to the audience during the 9th Marketing & Retail Conclave in Delhi last week. Food retailing was only a small part of the event which covered also fashion retailing and airport shopping, but there were two sessio... :: M. A. Winter
In a few days, the Government of India will present the new budget for the next fiscal year, starting from April 1. During the budgeting season, industries and sectors usually present their wish list about taxes, customs duties or subsidies. One sector from t... :: Our Bureau
The government in the western Indian state of Rajasthan has imposed a 4% tax on fruit and vegetables sold by large retailers to protect small farmers and mom and pop stores. The tax was announced in the general budget for 2008-09 fiscal year. Other Indian stat... :: Our Bureau
To cater to the growing appetite for meat among Indians, Reliance Fresh is planning separate non-vegetarian section within its Reliance Fresh stores. The non-veg food is most likely to be sold from its “Delight” brand of stores selling premium grocery. Compan... :: Our Bureau
Singapore-based Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) has launched Baron’s strong beer in north India. The beer is classed as strong, meaning high alcoholic content which contributes over 60% of the beer sales in India. The beer is being initially launched in Delhi in ... :: Our Bureau
Despite the excise duty slash to 8% from 16% on processed food and the exemption of excise duty on packaged coconut water, buns, puffed rice, milk containing edible nuts, tea and coffee pre-mixes industry experts feel retail prices will not be impacted much. ... :: Our Bureau
“Agriculture has struck a disappointing note”. These were the words of Finance Minister Chidambaram in his budget speech. Details of the agriculture performance were given in the Economic Survey 2007-08, which projects a decline in the growth of the sector in... :: Our Bureau
Consumers seeking to buy their daily requirements in Metro cities nowadays have not only a big choice of which food brand to buy, but also where to buy. This can be a modern supermarket, which come along in different formats, a convenience shop, or a tradition... :: M. A. Winter
The Indian market for fruit juices has seen a number of product launches and new companies stepping into the juice business in the last years. Now CavinKare Pvt Ltd., Chennai, has announced to enter the juice market through the acquisition of Tamil Nadu-based ... :: Our Bureau
In a country were the easiest way to acquire a bad reputation is to be seen drinking in public, a new pub in boomtown Gurgaon near Delhi is hoping to change this mindset by offering beer in sprawling “gradens”. The beer “gardens” would serve fresh non-pasteur... :: Our Bureau
Sean O’Brien, an American domain investor, who holds a large portfolio of domain names, has recently begun marketing his domain name to Beer companies operating in India. According to a press release by the investor, Mr. O’Brien, “this is a once in a ... :: Our Bureau
After Rajasthan, Kerala became the second state in India to impose a special tax on goods sold through big retail chains. The move is seen as a populist measure to protect mom and pop stores and small farmers at the cost of big retail chains which are spreadi... :: Our Bureau
A new fruit based snack food that combines the traditional flavor of fresh fruit with modern solar drying to create a long shelf life fruit snack has been developed by the Hyderabad-based Society for Energy, Environment & Development (SEED). The first products... :: Our Bureau
Jägermeister, the German herbal liquor, is on a success tour around the world. Company Mast-Jägermeister Incorporated has just announced the figures for the last financial year 2007. According to that, the company expanded further in 2007, achieving another re... :: M. A. Winter
A lot has been written about the loan waiver of Rs. 60,000 crore (€11.9 billion) for small farmers which Finance Minister Chidambaram had announced in his budget speech a week ago. According to the announcement of the Finance Minister, only agricultural loans... :: Our Bureau
Indian agriculture has a great potential, but there is at least one area, where all efforts did not allow to achieve good results. The way out was shifting of production. P & R Overseas was participating at AAHAR 2008 to strengthen its leading position in the... :: M. A. Winter
Darshan Foods Pvt. Ltd. is one of the hidden Indian food champions which have been working undetected by many consumers in the Indian meat market for years. Under the brand name “Meatzza”, the company has been selling meat and Indian and European meat product... :: M. A. Winter
Indian processed foods maker Marico Ltd. has announced the sale of its processed foods business under the brand "Sil" to a Danish business house, Good Food Group. The company said in a communication to the stock exchanges where its shares are listed such as th... :: Our Bureau
Ready-made food dishes, or convenience food, is one of the emerging trends in the Indian food industry. Several companies have launched such convenience products already, but one of the most interesting ones are the dishes from Forstar Frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd. ... :: M. A. Winter
The chocolate guys from Sunstar Confection & Trading, Mumbai, the exclusive distributors of Lindt chocolate of Switzerland, had made up a nice stall at Aahar which looked like a preparation for a Christmas party. Chocolate all around. Having the three main In... :: M. A. Winter
Blame it on the Japanese- their rice cookers which revolutionized humble Asian kitchens decades ago by making rice cooking quick and easy, are now being blamed for a global spurt in the price of rice. Rice prices are trading at $500 a tonne which is nearly do... :: Our Bureau
Sankalp Retail has launched a new chain dedicated to imported foods and consumer goods- Imported Bazaar. The first two stores were launched in Hyderabad last week. ‘Imported Bazaar’ will offer international brands such as Kraft, Unilever, General Mills, Kell... :: Our Bureau
One of the star attractions at AAHAR 08 was the Tushar and Delta group stall exhibiting bakery and Gelato ice cream ingredients. The group imports the best quality ingredients for breads, ice creams, cakes and chocolates from different parts of the world to pr... :: Our Bureau
Kingfisher and King Cobra- two of India’s most popular beer brands are in the cross hairs of the Indian health ministry which has sought a total ban on surrogate ads by beer and liquor companies. Kingfisher and King Cobra club soda brands are widely advertised... :: Our Bureau
Imported edible oils including palm oil and olive oil may become cheaper by about 15% to 20% following a proposal to reduce import duty on edible oil. The government is worried over rising food prices and the high price of edible oil which is widely used in In... :: Our Bureau
Tenants in Indian metro cities already feel the heat of inflated land and rent prices. What is valid for private persons is the same for retail outlets. Food chains have been rolling out their networks in high speed, some starting from scratch like Birla’s “mo... :: Our Bureau
Vijay Mallya’s United Spirits Ltd (USL) is set to launch designer liquor stores or ‘destination outlets’, called Spiritz & More. The first store scheduled to open in Bangalore later this week, is expected to spawn similar stores by other spirits, beer and wine... :: Our Bureau
AAHAR 2008, the trade fair for the Indian food and hospitality sector which took place in March, was an excellent event for food companies to market their products and reach out to customers. Certainly, some soft factors were not as what food fair professiona... :: M. A. Winter
The Food safety and standards (FSS) rules required under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSSA) are being framed by the 23-member Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSS Authority), it is learnt. Under the act, the FSS authority would function as an a... :: Our Bureau
An expected 10 brands and variants of beer are expected to make their debut in India this summer. Brands waiting to uncork are Lowenbrau, Stlla Artois, Beck's, Baron's Strong Beer, Tiger, Cobra Bite and several types of British ale. “This will be the year of b... :: Our Bureau
The Indian coffee scenario looks quite bright, as many Indians, a majority of them traditionally tea drinkers, have discovered some time ago the enjoyment of drinking coffee. Coffee chains like Barista, now owned by Italian Lavazza, Café Coffee Day and Costa C... :: Our Bureau
At a time when Indian mango exports are growing, the 2008 summer, also called the “mango season” is likely to be one of poorest harvests in recent memory. An unusually cold spell during the mango flowering season in January-February followed by unseasonal rai... :: Our Bureau
The Indian biscuits industry, after years of steady growth, wants a reduction of VAT to 4% from the current level of 12.5% from the government, as rising input prices for raw materials have become a heavy burden for the companies. The biscuits sector, compris... :: M. A. Winter
In a move that will bring cheer to olive oil producers and consumers, the Indian government has reduced the import duty on olive oil to 7.5% which is expected to reduce the retail price of olive oil by up to 15%. Customs duty has been reduced from 45% for virg... :: Our Bureau
Like retail outlets and supermarkets, restaurant chains have mushroomed all over India in the last two to three years, leaving the consumer sometimes alone with the important question where to go when standing in a street in Delhi, for example, when there is a... :: Our Bureau
The Indian government has proposed to establish new purity standard for olive oil by amending the Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Rules, 1955. The PFA rules are being amended to harmonize the Indian laws concerning olive oil purity with that of the inte... :: Our Bureau
Retailing of meat was not much in the focus since the discussion is on about new retail chains giving competition to small mom-and pop-stores, as these do not sell meat. therefore takes a closer look on how meat is retailed in India in tr... :: M. A. Winter
The emergence of modern retail in India has increased the shelf space and has provided the growing food demand a place to meet supplies, thus offering huge opportunities for food suppliers to sell their products. But is that all sufficient? Certainly not, as n... :: Our Bureau
The Indian food retailing scene has witnessed an incredible emergence of food retailing chains and supermarkets from the scratch. One of such supermarket companies, still small, but with an appealing concept, is the Daily Needs Retailing Group in New Delhi. In... :: M. A. Winter
In 2006, the Investment Commission of India, headed by Ratan Tata, had submitted its report to the Prime Minister. The report contains several proposals of how to promote the Indian economy. One such proposal was to allow foreign direct investment (FDI) in foo... :: Our Bureau
The Indian beverages market, be it beer, vodka, soft drinks or juices, is on the target list of many players. Now, United Spirits Ltd. seems to consider the launch of an energy drink, as Vijay Rekhi, president of United Spirits, was quoted in the media as sayi... :: Our Bureau
In October and November 2008, three food processing and packaging fairs will be held in India within 6 weeks. The organisers are Koelnmesse of Cologne, Germany, Messe Düsseldorf, from the city of Düsseldorf, also in Germany, and the Confederation of Indian Ind... :: Our Bureau
The Indian economy is booming, and so is the Indian food processing sector, with growth rates of more than 10% annually. The sector requires a lot of machinery and equipment to manufacture their products, be it beer and soft drinks, ready-to-eat convenience fo... :: M. A. Winter
The 4th edition of the Food & Technology Expo 2008 will open its gate tomorrow at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. It will be held at hall 11 which is air-conditioned. On a gross space of 4000 sqm, more than 100 companies will exhibit their products, organiser NNS... :: Our Bureau
Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has just announced the export figures of the scotch whisky industry for 2007. According to them, a new record was achieved, with £2.8 billion of whisky exports, being an increase of 14% against the earlier year in terms of value... :: Our Bureau
A remark of US President George W. Bush is at the center of a discussion in Indian media. The US President, when trying to explain rising food prices in a speech last week in Missouri, said that higher food demand from countries getting richer ad on to the glo... :: Our Bureau
At Food & Technology Expo, most exhibitors in the processed food section have come under the various umbrellas of state horticultural and other government boards. One of such boards is the Indian Coconut Development Board, which brought a handful of coconut pr... :: Our Bureau
Bakers Circle, a leading Indian producer of frozen bakery and confectionery, will launch its products in the retail segment and enter a new business. Bakers Circle, a Gurgaon based company with a new factory in Uttarakhand, produces breads like baguette, r... :: M. A. Winter
Metro Cash & Carry, the international leader in self-service wholesaling, opened its first outlet in Mumbai last Wednesday, which is the fourth in India. Two have been opened earlier in Bangalore, and one in Hyderabad, since Metro came to India in 2003. The Mu... :: Our Bureau
Italy was famous in earlier years for soccer and for its actress Sophia Loren. Today, Sophia Loren, in her early seventies, is still famous -especially since her last special photos for the Pirelli calendar in 2006. But another Italian category has become a ce... :: M. A. Winter
The Opera Consortium, an Italian body of 17 giant food and agri-cooperatives, held its first Day of Italian Food in New Delhi on Monday at the Taj Mahal Hotel. A delegation of 25 Italians from different companies had come to India to promote their various prod... :: M. A. Winter
A food delegation from Italy, organized by the Opera Consortium, had come to India to establish first contacts to importers and distributors, and to present their products to a broader audience of food professionals. The delegation was from Italian food and ag... :: M. A. Winter
A recent CII retail conference highlighted the human resources aspects in Indian retailing. As retailing is expanding quickly, people are needed. The question is where the people should come from, when today already there is wide talent gap in combination with... :: FII-Reporter
CII was recently holding a one day Retail Conference which had the subtitle „Transforming Retailing in India“. The audience could listen to eminent speakers from different sectors of the Indian economy, be it retailers, restaurant chains, consulting firms, rea... :: M. A. Winter
A leading business paper in Europe has reported that number one global beer brewer, Belgian brewer InBev, would be trying to take over Anheuser-Busch, USA, the number two in the global beer market. Inbev would be considering a friendly as well as a so called ... :: Our Bureau
Astonishing insights about Indian real estate costs were presented to the participants of the recent CII Retail conference by Tim Eynon, multi-entrepreneur and director, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of Prozone Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd., a Shopping C... :: FII Reporter
The Indian food market offers plenty of opportunities for companies from India and abroad. But how to get into the market in this huge country? In order to avoid wasting money by moving ahead in the wrong direction, decision makers need reliable market informa... :: Our Bureau
Just a few weeks after India's oldest winemaking company Champagne Indage Limited (CIL) has announced its plan to acquire a winery in Australia, Loxton Winery, CIL has again opened its cash box and bought the assets of Darlington Wines in UK, a bottler and dis... :: Our Bureau
Tesco has announced the acquisition of 36 Homever stores in South Korea from the E-Land Group, for a total consideration of £958 million, including existing debt. The Homever stores, most of which were formerly Carrefour hypermarkets, have a total sales area ... :: Our Bureau
Tesco Group, Europe’s second largest retailer with sales of sales of £51.8 billion (approx. €65 billion) in the year to February 2008, has reconfirmed to be in talks with an Indian partner to enter the Indian market. Media had reported that Tesco would be in ... :: M. A. Winter
German milk farmers, after a week of strikes and boycotts, achieved a success: discount retail chain Lidl confirmed that it would increase the retail milk price on Monday by 10 €-cents per litre. Supermarket chain REWE-Group might follow that move. First dair... :: M. A. Winter
The long awaited study by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) on the impact of modern retailing on the unorganized sector has been published now. The study has been commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.... :: M. A. Winter
The recently released report of ICRIER about the impact of modern retailing on the unorganized sector deals also with the future dimensions of modern retailing in India. FII provides a summary of the main forecasts. The consuming class consisting of the “asp... :: Our Bureau
On a recent visit to Australia, where Mr. Kamal Nath, Union Commerce and Industry Minister, was discussing a feasibility report on a free trade agreement between India and Australia, the minister was accompanied by a business delegation seeking business and in... :: Our Bureau
Later in 2008, food professionals will see the culmination of trade fairs in the food processing technology and food segments, as another trade fair was announced to be held. Sagar Publications, Ahmedabad, is currently organizing Food Tech India 2008, which w... :: M. A. Winter
In the evening of June 6, Delhi saw a “Chilean Wine Festival” held at the Oberoi. You certainly cannot ask for a more stylish setting than The Oberoi, New Delhi, so it was with anticipation that I made my way to the Nilgiri room, where the guided wine tasting ... :: Avininder Singh has already reported about several success stories from India. It is time, to present a German success story to the Indian and international readers: Bionade, a drink hunted nowadays by many imitators. Bionade is both the company name an... :: M. A. Winter
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India would be set up in the next days, its Chairman Dr. P. I. Suvrathan has said at an interaction organised by industry chamber FICCI last week. Addressing the first industry interaction organised by FICCI, after h... :: Our Bureau
The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is convinced that the processed food industry in India has the immense potential to be the next big “Made in India” story for the nation, and is therefore organizing “Processed Food Advantage India 2008”, India's firs... :: Our Bureau
Fast food joints have always been popular with the people of all age groups the world over. Bembos, a Peruvian fast food restaurant, is the newest kid on the block, to enthrall Indian taste buds with exotic South American burgers. After opening the first two... :: FII-Reporter
The expansion of modern retail formats in India is not always welcome by all sides. In the past, rallies had been organised by fruit traders against supermarkets, as they fear loss of their means of living. In some places in India, supermarkets had to be close... :: Our Bureau
Grupo SOS, brand leader in olive oils from Spain, has announced to acquire the Bertolli olive oil and vinegar business from Unilever for a consideration of €630 million. The transaction, which would be structured as a worldwide, perpetual licence by Unilever ... :: Our Bureau
Just a few weeks after Lord Karan Billimoria, the founder of Cobra Beer, has said that he could even imagine to sell his company, media reported now that beverages giant Diageo would be in talks with Cobra to buy 30% of Cobra Beer for about $100 million. Cobr... :: Our Bureau
The expanding wholesale & retail trade sector has demonstrated a Net Employment Outlook of 30% in the third quarter of 2008, employment services company Manpower has found out in the latest employment outlook survey. The result can be regarded as a substantiat... :: Our Bureau
Bharti Wal-Mart, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and US-based retail giant Wal-Mart stores, would commence its wholesale operations by early next year from the northern region, Bharti Wal-Mart CEO and Managing Director Raj Jain said at a CII confere... :: Our Bureau
Tesco Plc from UK, the world's third largest retailer, has finally announced plans to set up a wholesale cash & carry business in India, and at the same time, a deal with Tata Group’s retailing subsidiary Trent. For the development of the cash & carry busines... :: Our Bureau
Barry Callebaut, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality cocoa and chocolate products, has announced the opening of its first, state-of the art, Chocolate Academy in Mumbai, India, which is targeted to strengthen relationships with chocolatier... :: Our Bureau
Unilever has announced that Patrick Cescau, Group Chief Executive, will retire from Unilever at the end of the year. He has served the business for 35 years and has led Unilever for the last four, initially as Chairman and then as the company’s first Group Chi... :: Our Bureau
As informed already by the organizer, this years Tea & Coffee World Cup/ASIA 2008 will take place in Hyderabad from 20. to 22. November. Parallel to the exhibition there will be a symposium. Whereas the fair showcases the latest equipment featuring the most r... :: Our Bureau
In August, something happened which throws a light on the Indian trade fair sector. Trade Fair organizer Exhibitions India, a serious organizer known for successful exhibitions like Convergence India (telecommunications, Sat, etc.) and the recent Renewable Ene... :: M. A. Winter
One of the attractive food segments in India is the dairy sector which has been entered some time ago by Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd., an Indian joint venture of giant Danone group from France with Japan’s Yakult. FII spoke to Shefali Sapra, General Manager, ... :: FII-Reporter
PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi has announced that PepsiCo would invest USD 500 million in its India operations over the next three years to triple revenues over the next five years. These investments would be spread over manufacturing capacity, market in... :: Our Bureau
India sees a wave of new restaurants being opened. One of the latest entrants into the sector is Bembos, a fast food chain from Peru. The companies head for staff training is a lady from Peru, Ms. Erika Bailon (EB), who is staying now in India for almost three... :: FII Reporter
The Indian food market continues to grow — and also Annapoorna – World of Food India trade fair, which will be held from 13th to 15th November 2008 in Mumbai, will have more participants this year. Approximately 180 suppliers from 14 countries, including joint... :: Our Bureau
One of the rare exhibitors of chocolate on IFE India 2008 in New Delhi was Galler Chocolatiers, a 32 year old chocolate company from Belgium, which brought a nice selection of different varieties of black and white chocolate to Delhi as base for business discu... :: M. A. Winter
India has announced to open its markets for German pork and poultry meat, Dr. Gerd Müller, Secretary of State in the German ministry for agriculture has informed. This was the result of the last meeting of the Indo-German working group on agriculture under the... :: Our Bureau
Dr. Oetker-Group has announced today the acquisition of Fun Foods India, a leading Indian manufacturer of branded packaged food products and market leader in mayonnaise and sandwich spreads. Dr. Oetker intends to be the leading purveyor of western cuisine to I... :: Our Bureau
India and Canada have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of agriculture and allied sectors to further the cooperation between the two countries. The focus of the MoU would be on technologies, marketing and animal development, the Indian ministry... :: Our Bureau
At a recent CII conference, Shri Kamal Nath, Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, emphazised India's target to cooperate in the agri-food sector. "India looks forward to partner with countries that have a strong agri-food sector from production through proce... :: Our Bureau
Cecilia Ashagerdian of ChoCo’a Chocolatier, a 4 year old chocolate company from Dubai, U.A.E, was recently in India to look and search for options to enter the Indian market. Exhibiting at IFE India 2008 in New Delhi, the company brought a nice selection of di... :: FII-Reporter
The Indian market for energy drinks is in the focus of various companies. Dominated so far by Red Bull from Austria, other brands have been introduced already, one of them being “Fighter”. FII spoke to Saby Sabarwal, Director of V. K. G. Management Services (P... :: M. A. Winter
Soon after the Cabinet gave its approval for the establishment of “National Meat & Poultry Processing Board” under the guidance of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has now approved the proposal of the... :: Our Bureau
Papa John’s, the world’s third largest Pizza chain, has opened its fifth outlet in Mumbai at Kharghar at the Little World Mall. With this, Papa John’s has 19 outlets in India. “The previous 4 outlets in Mumbai are doing exceedingly well. Navi Mumbai did not h... :: Our Bureau
India is all set to be embraced by the Italian giant Licata, with their lines of vegetables and seafood preserves branded as “Villa Reale”. For more than 20 years, the Licata Company has been producing high quality traditional Sicilian foodstuffs and fish, fol... :: FII Reporter
IFE-India 2009, the 2009 edition of the Indian food and wine fair held in Delhi just a few month back in December, has been cancelled for this year. The reason seems to be that the local Indian joint venture InterAds Montgomery Pvt. Ltd. based in Gurgaon is di... :: Our Bureau
It was just for moments that food companies must have thought their plans to exhibit at an Indian food fair later the year cannot be realized as IFE India 2009 was cancelled. But suddenly, Tarsus Group, a trade fair organizer from UK which is active in India s... :: M. A. Winter
The American wine industry, lacking behind in plans to penetrate the fast-growing Indian wine market, has charged New Delhi with adopting "highly protectionist measures" to shield the domestic industry. Despite its commitment before the World Trade Organisati... :: Our Bureau
Increasing demand from the poultry sector is likely to substantially hike maize consumption to go over 30 million tones by 2020 since maize is a basic raw material for poultry farming, says the Maize Report of The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry o... :: Our Bureau
India and Brazil are not only strategic partners but natural allies. This was, according to Confederation of India Industry (CII), the unanimous voice of a recent Brazilian industry delegation coming to Mumbai to promote trade and investment. CII in associati... :: Our Bureau
US-based agro-business giant Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is expanding in India. The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) has just cleared a proposal for setting up an Indian entity through a subsidiary in Mauritius, the Ministry of Finance has i... :: M. A. Winter
The Government of Tamil Nadu is in the process of setting up terminal markets in Chennai, Coimbatore & Madurai for storing, marketing and selling of agricultural produce. This information was given by Mr. Veerapandi S Arumugam, Minister for Agriculture, Govern... :: Our Bureau
Markting people always have the task to create awareness about products in a target group. In the case of cheese and wine we all know that quite a few countries have nice products for the growing Indian middle class which has discovered the Western taste. One ... :: Our Bureau
India is willing to provide assistance to food insecure countries to develop their own agriculture and becomes self sufficient in keeping with the resolution at La Aquila, Ministry of Agriculture has informed recently. Stating this, Agriculture and Food Minis... :: Our Bureau
Delhi-based Mahashian Di Hatti Ltd., known for blended spices under the brand name MDH, has plans to enter into the ready-to-eat food segment. But other as it would be expected by a company offering curry, cumin and many more chili enriched hot masalas, the co... :: Our Bureau
It is easier to start and operate a business now than it was three years ago in many large Indian cities. This is one of the conclusions drawn by a new report by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. Like the global report “Doing Business ... :: M. A. Winter
The Government of India will form an Investment Promotion Agency to promote foreign investment (FDI) in India, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry informed. The new non-profit company under the name "Invest India” was proposed by the Department of Industria... :: Our Bureau
SABMiller India, the wholly owned Subsidiary of SABMiller plc and India’s second largest brewer after United Breweries (UB), has announced the appointment of Paolo Lanzarotti as the new Managing Director of the company. Paolo Lanzarotti, who was heading so far... :: Our Bureau
Can-Pack Group, a beverage and food packing group based in Poland, will invest another Rs 5 - 6 billion to ramp up its production capacity from 650 million cans to 2 billion cans annually over the next four years in India, media reported. The company manufactu... :: Our Bureau
Anuga 2009 ended yesterday, and organizer Koelnmesse informed about the facts and figures of the world’s biggest food fair. According to that, Anuga 2009 was attended by 6,522 companies from 97 countries, occupying a gross exhibition space of 287,000 m². The t... :: Our Bureau
“The FMCG sector seems to have finally joined India Inc's growth party by posting surprising double-digit growth in sales resisting the aftermaths of the downturn”, industry association Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) says in a... :: Our Bureau
An American USIBC delegation was in India to launch USIBC’s 2009 Food Security Mission and present a new study about the benefits of the private sector's outreach to India’s food sector to the public. According to U.S.-India Business Council USIBC, the delega... :: Our Bureau
Fast food chain ChicKing Fried Chicken has plans for a total of 200 global outlets, including 100 in India, by 2012. This was told by A K Mansoor, NRI businessman and Managing Director of the company to reporters when opening the 16th Indian outlet at Aluva re... :: Our Bureau
The Sommelier India Wine Competition (SIWC) is being held for the first time in Mumbai. The event which is organized in association with the Wine Society of India is held on 19 & 20 November 2009 at the ITC Grand Central, Mumbai. SIWC is an Indian competition... :: Our Bureau
The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh addressed more than 600 international businessmen at the India Economic Summit in New Delhi on Sunday, an event being hosted jointly by the World Economic Forum and Confederation of Indian Industries. He has said that Indi... :: Our Bureau
Based on its astounding success in the European markets, Edrington Group, the makers of The Famous Grouse, Scotland’s No. 1 best selling whisky, recently announced the launch of "The Black Grouse" whisky in India. The Black Grouse would be initially available ... :: Our Bureau
The last week of October witnessed the Bordeaux Wine Master Class by L’Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, a sort of wine college, in three major cities New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. The campaign was organised by Sopexa India and financed with the assistance of the E... :: FII-Reporter
METRO Cash & Carry India Private Limited, a subsidiary of Germany-based Metro AG, has decided to invest US$ 180 million for setting up 6 wholesale centers in different locations in Northern Indian state of Punjab like Ludhiana and Jalandhar by 2010, media have... :: Our Bureau
France has offered expertise and technology to help India develop its food processing sector when Anne-Marie Idrac, French Foreign Trade Minister, was on a 4 day visit to India in October. "The Indian agro-food shows huge potential that had yet to be tapped",... :: Our Bureau
From 2nd to 4th December 2009 the International Food & Drink Expo India will take place at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Organiser Taurus Group of UK has informed that exhibitors from around the world are expected, countries include Australia, Austria, Italy, Fr... :: Our Bureau
Hannes Ludwig from Austria has travelled to New Delhi to participate at IFDE 2009 as exhibitor to promote the wines of the big Austrian wine company Lenz Moser. Lenz Moser is a giant, having about 3000 wine growers in important areas of Austria producing grap... :: FII Reporter
Heineken N.V., one of the largest brewers in the world, has just announced a new shareholders’ agreement with Dr. Vijay Mallya and United Breweries Limited (“UBL”) and agreed the key terms for the brewing and distribution of the Heineken brand in India. Heinek... :: Our Bureau
India has set up two programs which provide subsidies to farmers for cultivating horticulture products including olives. This was explained by Prof. K.V. Thomas, Minister of State for Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in written reply... :: Our Bureau
Roberto Cavalli, the flamboyant Italian fashion moghul, renowned worldwide for his grandiose designs, has created a mighty splash with the launch of the ultra-premium Roberto Cavalli vodka and the award-winning wine, Cavalli Tenuta Degli Dei, in India, recentl... :: FII-Reporter
Naturitalia, a leading Italian group in fresh fruit and vegetable products, has been in Delhi again during IFDE in December as part of the stall of the Italian Òpera Consortium. As in 2008, when (FII) reported the first time about this co... :: FII-Reporter
RJ Corp, part of diversified Jaipuria group owned by Ravi Jaipuria, has announcd plans for further expansion and acquisitions in the food and beverage sector in Africa. Media reported that RJ Corp sees Africa as a "high-potential" market where a business of $1... :: Our Bureau
For a double growing country like India - growth of income and growth of population - food is always an issue, especially the level of processing of fruits & vegetables. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has now informed that the level of processing ... :: Our Bureau
The role of packaging in food merchandising will undergo a lot of changes in the years to come. India is seen somewhere at the middle of the evolution stage in terms of food packaging when compared with the developed economies such as Japan, Germany and the US... :: Our Bureau
It was a defense fight, which the whole British nation up to the government busy: The traditional company Cadbury did not want to be taken over from the US group Kraft - until Kraft increased its offer. The new offer evaluates Cadbury with 840 pence for each ... :: Our Bureau
Representatives of nearly 40 nations will participate in the 10th World Spice Congress scheduled to be held in New Delhi during Feb 3 to 5, 2010. The theme of the 10th Congress is “Global Concerns .... India’s response”. The World Spice Congress is a bi-annu... :: Our Bureau
The Indian dairy industry is booming. Players like Parag Milk Foods from Manchar near Pune, known better for its brand “Gowardhan” are looking to exploit this huge opportunity. Gowardhan is a popular brand among milk and ghee lovers but now the Rs 350-crore, ... :: Our Bureau
The Union Budget this year has aimed to focus on inclusive growth and insuring food security. These concerns for aam aadami have gone hand in hand with credible measures for improving investment climate, strengthening infrastructure and fiscal consolidation, M... :: Our Bureau
Organiser Tarsus Group from UK has just announced the second editon of the International Food & Drink Expo which would take place from 2nd to 4th December, 2010 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. "The growth of the Indian food and drink industry is expanding at ... :: Our Bureau
China is set to overtake the US for the first time as the largest grocery market in the world by 2014, and India will be on third rank. This forecast was made by IGD, a service provider to the food and grocery sector in a new report. IGD forecasts that the Ch... :: Our Bureau
EXAMPLE. We are a manufacturer of modern bakery equipment from Italy, we search for agents in the Indian metro cities for our equipment (see the photo)...... Our products are ...... Our contact:..... THIS COULD BE YOUR AD. Make first contacts and start m... :: eFair
Following the joint ministerial statement of BRIC countries on the global food security, adopted at the Summit in Yekaterinburg (Russia) on June 16th 2009, the ministers of agriculture of the four BRIC countries have met in Moscow to discuss issues of global f... :: Our Bureau
Bulgaria and India have signed a Protocol on Economic Cooperation to raise the level of Economic and Trade Cooperation between the two countires. This is the target of a Protocol on Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation which has been signed during th... :: Our Bureau
US soft-drinks and snacks giant PepsiCo and Tata Tea are exploring the formation of a joint venture in non-carbonated beverages. The JV would cover “liquid beverages, particularly in the enhanced wellness area, but excludes carbonated soft drinks, ambient temp... ::
Once in a while, the Government of India issues a document which combines all earlier regulations about FDI (foreign direct investment) in various sectors. So the new doc from this April clarifies again that FDI is most welcome in areas like floriculture, hort... :: M. A. Winter
India is the third largest producer of fish and second largest producer in terms of fresh water fish. The fisheries sector is classified as marine, inland and aquaculture. The captured fish consists of 62% of total fish production while the rest 38% is from ... :: Our Bureau
In times when consumer spending and retail sales are declining in home markets, global expansion to emerging markets becomes an important strategy for growth. Unlike most developed markets, GDP in emerging markets is expected to continue to grow, and populatio... :: Our Bureau
Australia’s Minister for Trade, Simon Crean, is on an official visit to India from 2-8 May to take the “Australia-India trade relationship to a new level”, his Ministry has informed. He is visiting India for the third time. On top of his agenda is a meeting ... :: Our Bureau
French wine and spirits company Pernod Ricard, second in global rank behind Diageo from UK, raised the target growth of profits to 3% from 1- 2% earlier after reporting an increase of 14% of consolidated sales for the third quarter 2009/10 to € 1,538 million. ... :: Our Bureau
The Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology at Thanjavur and the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, have signed an MoU for cooperation in the fields of training, exchange of collaborative research, curriculum and institutional development and exchange ... :: Our Bureau
Anand Sharma, Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, has informed that the talks for the Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) between India and South African Customs Union (SACU) are expected to conclude soon. He said this during an interactive session of CEOs w... :: Our Bureau
A new survey of ASSOCHAM suggests that the mall culture has not been able to shift the focus entirely away from local traditional markets as the shoppers prefer to hangout and shop there, more so because of the familiarity with ambiance, ease of access, variet... :: M. A. Winter
India has to reposition itself in terms of productivity, commercialization and value addition in quite a few promising sectors, and food processing industry is one among these sectors and would displays enormous potential to promote such activities in a big wa... :: Our Bureau
India, along with other BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China), is one of the most talked about economic flavours in the business world. With an economy growing at over 8-9% per annum and India tipped to be one of the largest economies in the world in coming ... :: By Satya Joshi
Bakery and confectionery products are being enjoyed by people of all shapes and sizes in New Delhi from a long time. In order to get an insight of what goes in a well-liked bakery in the Capital, talked to the owners of Defence Bakery, a ... :: FII-Reporter
Anapoorna, Aahar, IFDE and other food fairs in India will again take place in the next couple of months. Their organizers are sending out mailings and make calls to companies around the world to woo them as exhibitors. The Indian food market – without any doub... :: M. A. Winter
Ammirato from Italy has established a subsidiary in India at Bangalore as an import base to market its Italian wines and foods under the same label. Ammirato, based in Bologna, claims to be the "Embassy of the Italian flavors around the world". Its product po... :: Our Bureau
Whereas FDI (foreign direct investment) is allowed and common in almost all sectors in India since several years, the same is prohibited in multi-brand retailing. Opening up the sector for FDI and allowing foreign retailers to invest in India is under discussi... :: M. A. Winter
In the following, FII is providing a summary of the discussion paper by DIPP about the “Issue of Discussion Paper on Foreign Direct Investemt (FDI) in Multi-Brand Retail Trading” with the most important points. The discussion paper starts with the present sce... :: Our Bureau
The global recession and downturn in travel took a heavy toll on the travel retail industry, says a new Duty Free/Travel Retail Report by British data supplier ISWR. It reveals that global travel retail wines and spirits sales fell by 9.3% in 2009 to 22.7 mill... :: Our Bureau
It has been brought to the knowledge of Food Safety & Standards Authority of India by Food & Drug Administration of Unites States of America that there is a possibility of the entry into the Indian market of some products containing Steroid/ Steroid –like subs... :: Our Bureau
There is a need to accelerate India's food grain production to meet the growing demand of the population, and that all in times of new challenegs by climate change. This has to be achieved through vertical expansion with the use of science and technology. This... :: Our Bureau
The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 has so far stood the test of the times over the years since its enactment, says Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, as according to the latest available information provided by the states... :: Our Bureau
Indian industry association ASSOCHAM has announced the second International Summit cum Exhibition on Processed Food, Agribusiness & Investments Opportunities in the Indian food sector in September in New Delhi. India is the world’s 2nd largest producer of foo... :: Our Bureau
American baked food, meat, coffee and beverage major Sara Lee Corp. reports strong results for the fiscal year 2010 (ended on July 3). Operating income was up significantly for the year, driven by improved operating segment income across all five continuing bu... :: Our Bureau
The Indian food sector is on the agenda of the Indian industry associations: whereas ASSOCHAM has already announced an international summit to woo investors for the Indian food sector, will CII organise an international buyer-seller meet to provide Indian comp... :: Our Bureau
Ferrero, the USD 8 billion confectionery giant from Italy, has plans for a second unit in India, media reported. An investment of over $125 mn is planed for a new factory in Baramati near Pune, Maharashtra, to produce popular brands including Rocher and Kinder... :: Our Bureau
The Indian economy is booming, and the Indian food processing sector is growing with 13.5% according to the latest figures. The sector, for which the food processing ministry has organised plenty of different schemes and benefits, requires a lot of machinery a... :: Our Bureau
Subodh Kant Sahai, Minister for Food Processing Industries, was in Canada recently to promote the Indian food sector and woo investors. Sahai was talking to more than 15 Canadian companies which obviously have shown keen interest in the Indian food market. I... :: Our Bureau
American cuisine was on the agenda when Aditya Bal cooked up delicious American treats at Godrej Nature’s Basket store in New Delhi's Greater Kailash (GK II). The cooking demonstration was organized in an effort to help the ardent food lovers develop a taste ... :: Our Bureau
The Indian fisheries has a third position worldwide in terms of production of fish which is 4.4% of the global fish production, the Ministry for Food Processing Industries informs. The contribution of fisheries sector is 1.10% to the total GDP and 5.3% to the ... :: Our Bureau
The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) has announced an International Summit for the Packaging Industry (ISPI). The theme of the Summit, which will be held at Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai, during 1st and 2nd October, 2010, is "Packaging Innovations & Sustainabil... :: Our Bureau
Brazil was the destination of high ranking Indian visitors in September. Sharad Pawar, Minister of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution visited Brazil with a 13 member delegation. One of the topics was coopeation in ethanole production w... :: Our Bureau
European products are evermore in look out to enter and cement themselves in the Indian market, with an indelible impact on the consumers. To facilitate that, a few dedicated food events have been held in the last months, and we will have a look to them here. ... :: FII-Reporter
A target of doubling India-Germany trade to $30 billion can be envisaged by 2014, according to a report released by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The report was published in advance of a high-level CII CEOs’ mission to Germany from 27-30 September 20... :: Our Bureau
Speaking at the annual conf of the BDI (Confederation of the German Industry) in Berlin on September 28, Chancellor of the German Federation, Dr Angela Merkel said that she was looking forward to announcing a free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India during the ce... :: Our Bureau
Spirits based on grain is a standard in Western countries for many years, whereas India still uses predominantly molasses for the production of alcoholic drinks like whiskey. But this scenario is changing. Indian whiskey, which is part of the Indian drinks ca... :: Our Bureau
France's Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr Bruno Le Maire, on his recent visit to India stressed on having a long term commitment in the Indian Agriculture and Food processing sector, thus doubling the trade between the two countries from US $ 6... :: Our Bureau
Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier for total solutions in packaging and process technology, is on an expansion course in the growing indian packaging sector. To realize that, the company has recently acquired 33,000 sq. meters of land in Verna Indu... :: Our Bureau
The third edition of the International Hospitality Fair (IHF) opened today at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. It will be on until Saturdy, 23. October. The event, which is organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is supported by the Ministry of To... :: Our Bureau
India is set to witness the next revolution in the food processing industry. This was stated by Union Minister for Food Processing Industries Subodh Kant Sahai after his meeting with German Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Mrs. Ilse Aigne... :: Our Bureau
Food processing is a key sector to boost Indo-UK trade and achieve the target of USD 24 billion bilateral trade by 2015. This was suggested in a recent FICCI Survey on “India-UK-Partnering for Growth”. Indo-UK trade has increased steadily over the past five y... :: Our Bureau
Dairy giant Fonterra has made its first steps towards an expansion to India, agreeing to examine the feasibility of a pilot dairy farm in the growing economy. The New Zealand based company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Farmers Ferti... :: Our Bureau
Subodh Kant Sahai, Union Minister for Food Processing Industries, again has stressed the need to offer tax holidays to the Food Processing industry. This time, he compared the possible benefits for the food sector with those which have been achieved by the Ind... :: Our Bureau
India and France on December 6 have signed a Letter of Intent for bilateral Cooperation between the two countries during the visit of Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Rural Affairs and Spatial Planning of the Republic of France. Shri S... :: Our Bureau
CII will hold Logistics Summit 2010 with the title "Building India's Logistics infrastructure - Investment, Operation, Growth", on 13 and 14 December at The Grand Hotel in New Delhi. For the inaugural address, G. K. Vasan, Indian Minister of Shipping, is expe... :: Our Bureau
China and India want to develop their economic and political co-operation. This was manifested by the two Asian powers on Dec. 16 during the second visit of the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in India where he met with the leader of the Indian government Ma... :: Our Bureau
The Carrefour Group has finally entered the Indian market with the opening of its first cash & carry store in India in New Delhi under the name "Carrefour Wholesale Cash & Carry”, on Decemebr 30. With a sales area of 5200 sqm, this store located east of New D... :: Our Bureau
There has been a major shift in food habits in the metropolitan cities, as about 86% of households prefer to have instant food (canned, instant mixes, baked, pasta, etc.). Reasons are the steep rise in dual income level and standard of living, convenience, inf... :: Our Bureau
Industry organization CII is organizing a double conference on February 2 in Mumbai about retailing and about Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). The National Retail Summit 2011, subtitled "Modern Retail: Driving Inclusive and Profitable Growth" will be follow... :: Our Bureau
Union Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee held a meeting with noted economists to get their inputs for General Budget 2011-12. According to the minister, India recovered the growth momentum much faster than most others. In the first half of 2010-11 the Ind... :: Our Bureau
The Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, has announced the new budget. Part of this is the latest estimate of the Planning Commission, according to which the GDP is estimated to have grown at 8.6% in 2010-11. Exports have grown by 9.6%, imports by 17.6% in A... :: Our Bureau
The Working Group on Agricultural Production, comprising Chief Ministers of Haryana (Chairperson), Punjab, West Bengal and Bihar, has recommended a number of measures for increasing agricultural production and productivity. Here is a summary of some major rec... :: Our Bureau
India and the Netherlands are to cooperate in meat and poultry processing in a big way. India has sent a delegation to the Netherlands to the Product Boards Livestock, Meat and Eggs (PVE), to understand the Dutch processes relating to meat and poultry process... :: Our Bureau
The Indian agricultural and food processing sector is of high interest to the Netherlands, from where a delegation of 40 agri-business companies came to New Delhi recently to explore business opportunities in the Indian agriculture sector. The focus was on gre... :: Our Bureau
Molson Coors Brewing Company and Cobra India announced the formation of a joint venture that will brew and market Cobra beer in South Asia. Under the terms of the agreement, Molson Coors will purchase a controlling stake of Cobra India from two existing inves... :: Our Bureau
The simple art of sleeping (in a strange hotel bed) isn’t as easy as it seems, according to a global study by, surveying the sleeping habits of travelers around the world. The effects of jet lag, size of the bed, amount of pillows and noise from fe... :: Our Bureau
Amul, the dairy brand owned by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), has been ranked the leading Indian brand in a study on Asia's top 1,000 brands. The study by Campaign magazine published from Hong Kong and Singapore, has ranked Amul as the... :: Our Bureau
Organic farming in India is likely to be worth Rs 10,000 crore by 2015 from the current levels of about Rs 2,500 crore, apex industry body ASSOCHAM said in a release. Indian organic food market is growing at a steady rate of 40% annually more so because of a ... :: Our Bureau
Targeting the health-conscious consumers in urban areas, Britannia Industries has launched Vita Marie Honey Oats biscuits, a low-fat, cholesterol-free biscuit brand. As such, the company enters the adult health and wellness food segment, which is said to have... :: Our Bureau
Apex chamber ASSOCHAM has called for the next level of economic reforms with emphasis on skill development, modern technology in agricultural sector, foreign direct investments to boost manufacturing and healthcare for all citizens. With eight to nine per cen... :: Our Bureau
Olam International Limited, a leading global, integrated supply chain manager and processor of agricultural products and food ingredients, has announced that it has agreed to acquire 100% shareholding of Hemarus Industries Limited (“HIL”) with its 3,500 tons c... :: Our Bureau
Small domestic food companies continue to be bullish about India's consumption story, despite inflation and interest costs cutting into purchasing power in consumers' hands. A rate of penetration of packed foods of 5% only is potential enough for many and the... :: Our Bureau
The Indian Cabinet has now take the long awaited decision for allowing FDI (Foreign Direct INvestment) in multi-brand retail trade (MBRT), thus being on the same track like other Asian countries like China or Thailand. The Cabinet permits FDI in MBRT in all p... :: Our Bureau
Delegation of North Indian Farmers Meets Anand Sharma A large delegation of farmers from North India met the Union Minister of Commerce Industry and Textiles, Shri Anand Sharma, in December to register their support for the Government’s decision to allo... :: Our Bureau
A two-day National Conference of Mayors was held on 17th and 18th to sensitise the mayors and officials of the municipal bodies about hygiene, slaughtering, processing and sale of meat and poultry products. The Conference is the third in the series of 6 propo... :: Our Bureau
With a production of 71.5 million MT of fruits, 133.7 million MT of vegetables and 17.8 million MT of other commodities like flowers, spices, coconut, cashew, mushroom, honey etc., India is the second largest producer of horticultural commodities in the world.... :: Our Bureau
A report on the State of Indian Agriculture placed by the Government to the Rajya Sabha this week, calls for wide-ranging reforms in agriculture sector to enable it to meet the growing demands and meet the challenges posed by various human and environmental fa... :: Our Bureau
TVS Capital and IFC have invested Rs 124 Cr (approx. 20 million Euro) in Haryana based rice processor Dunar Foods. TVS Capital has invested Rs50 Cr, while IFC invested the rest. The company, which was founded in 1979 by Lala Duli Chandra Agarwal and currently... :: Our Bureau
A set of trade shows coming up in August wants to show not only food products and equipment, but wants also to proof the transformation in Indian agriculture over the last years. "India’s transition from AgriCulture to AgriBusiness is the proliferation of mega... :: Our Bureau
MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd., a producer with a tradition of 85 years in authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine and currently present in the breakfast, dessert and snacks categories, has natinally launched the Rasoi Magic brand of meal mixes. Rasoi Magic is according to t... :: Our Bureau
The Government has notified the cabinet/CCEA decisions on FDI in single brand retail, multi brand retail, civil aviation, broadcasting sector and power exchanges. The decisions were taken in the Cabinet and CCEA meetings on September 14, 2012. According to th... :: Our Bureau
Diversified business group Empower India has acquired Uniheal Foods, a sole proprietor entity that makes health and nutritive food products for an undisclosed amount. Ninad Deshmukh, owner of Uniheal, would be part of the team at Empower to take further devel... :: Our Bureau
20th April saw New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi, hosting a grand get-together to welcome a big delegation of New Zealand food and beverage companies visiting India. A group of 13 New Zealand food producers and wineries are at present in India, sponsored ... :: FII Reporter
TÜV SÜD in collaboration with ASSOCHAM is organising a summit ‘Safe Future Now’ on food safety in Gurgaon on 5th September, 2013. The summit will bring together market leaders and regulators on the same platform to discuss, learn and exchange experiences & ins... :: Our Bureau
The Apeejay Tea Group, which acquired the UK-based Typhoo brand last year, is likely to make its packet tea foray in India under that brand. The tea company, one of the country's largest tea producers, is also eyeing acquisition of smaller regional brands in t... ::
Tea consumers are making heavy quality demands on producing countries while offering little to help poor farmers to comply. A glut in the international market, stiff competition from other beverages and stagnant demand has undermined already global tea prices... ::
KOLKATA: Even as you sip your daily cup of tea, there’s a huge exercise in global markets to make the world’s most consumed beverage more drinkable, more quality driven and in line with “realistic” MRL (maximum residue levels) and ISO 3720 standards. And what ...
Coffee outlets might have been an example for tea manufacturers. Companies like Wagh Bakri group and Jivraj Tea are planning to build a chain of tea bars in Gujarat to make the high quality tea avalilable to the local consumer. They will serve not only tea, bu... :: Our Bureau
Typhoo, UK's famous tea brand, will soon be produced and marketed in India. The Apeejay Tea Group, which acquired Typhoo 2005 along with other speciality tea brands such as London Fruit & Herb, Natureland and Heath & Heather fruit from Premier Foods plc, will ... :: Our Bureau
Nestlé and the Coca-Cola have reached a final agreement on focusing the activities of their Beverage Partners Worldwide (BPW) joint venture. The agreement, which is subject to certain regulatory approvals, is expected to come into force by April 30. Under the... :: Our Bureau
Tata Tea, through its Tetley Group subsidiary, has acquired the Vitax and Flosana brands from Premium Foods in Poland as it plans to increase its share of the fast-growing speciality tea segment. Premium Foods is currently distributing the Tetley brand in Pola... :: Our Bureau
Tata Tea has shifted its marketing division from Kolkata to Bangalore, and at the same time, the buying & blending team, headed by VP Kiran N Desai, was shifted to and concentrated in Kolkata. The marketing division is headed by Executive director (marketing) ... :: Our Bureau
Apeejay Tea Group is planning to introduce new tea brands by the next year. Presently the group has a total of 17 gardens under two companies, namely, Apeejay Tea Ltd and Empire & Singlo Tea Ltd, producing about 21 million kg (mkg) of teas annually. Right now... :: Our Bureau
Indian scientists have patented a "tea pill" and a fizzy tea drink that can be served like coke. A four-member team based in Assam said their chewable tea pill and a health drink were now ready to be launched in the world market. "The pill is absolutely safe ... :: Our Bureau
The Tea Board is launching a project to develop organic black tea with funding from the Amsterdam-based Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), a UN body. The CFC-funded organic black tea project will standardise the organic tea growing practices through technica... :: Our Bureau
The growth in India’s beer consumption slowed down from 28% every quarter in 2007 to 14% in December. This, according to media reports is being attributed to a 12%-22% rise in taxes in key consumption states such as Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh that has pushe... :: Our Bureau
India, one of the world’s largest tea and coffee producers, will be the destination this year of a trade fair specialising on tea and coffee. Rotating annually between Asia and Europe since 1995, Tea & Coffee World Cup (TCWC) will be held this year in India, ... :: Our Bureau
Tata Tea, a part of the Tata group, in May has decided to change its name to Tata Global Beverages, to better reflect the nature of the business of the company with a variety of different beverage categories. The new name is available, Tata informed about a c... :: Our Bureau
The Tatas have completed the due diligence of Mount Everest Mineral Water, which owns the Himalayan brand, for a minority stake valued at Rs 60-70 crore. The company is owned by a clutch of NRI investors. If the deal goes through, it would make the hotels-to-... ::
Hindustan Lever Ltd's three years old marketing alliance with Pepsi Foods for jointly marketing hot and cold beverages in the country is reportedly under review. The marketing alliance for ready-to-drink tea and other tea-based beverages has got only lukewarm ... ::
Coca-Cola India will change its strategy for Georgia, its tea and coffee brand sold through vending machines, and will push Georgia Gold which is available exclusively at McDonalds outlets across the country. It seems that the strategy to sell Georgia to the ... :: Our Bureau
The Coca-Cola Company on May 25 announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Energy Brands, Inc., known as glacéau, and its full range of fast-growing, enhanced water brands, including vitaminwater, for $4.1 billion. The transaction, which is expected... :: Our Bureau
Tea, water and coffee are the products which keep the management of Tata Tea busy in these days. Tata Coffee, Asia's largest coffee plantation company and a subsidiary of Tata Tea, will set up a coffee processing factory wioth a capacity of 3,600 tonnes in Uga... :: Our Bureau
Prakash Kejriwal, Director of Kejriwal Bee Care India (Pvt.) Ltd. sits at his stall at anuga where he just has taken notes from the last enquirers, and smiles. On the first day itself, he got a lot of interest from buyers all over the world. Such an experience... :: By M. A. Winter
“The India growth story, so far, has been an absorbing and inspiring tale. Beginning January 1, 2005, the economy has recorded a growth rate of over 8 per cent in 12 successive quarters up to December 31, 2007. In the first three years of the UPA Government, t... :: Our Bureau
A year after Tata Tea had acquired about 32 percent in the Mount Everest Mineral Water Company with its natural mineral water brand "Himalayan", the brand was relaunched last week in a newly designed bottle. The new Himalayan natural mineral water’s simple b... :: Our Bureau
The total import of sensitive items for the period April-March 09 has been Rs.45877.3 crore (approx. 7.6 bn Euros) as compared to Rs.35919.3 crore during the corresponding period of last year, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry has informed in a release. The ... :: Our Bureau
Consumer goods giant Unilever recorded strong sales in the first quarter 2010 due to good business in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. 7.6%. more food and personal care products have been sold leading to a turnover of Euro 10.14 billion, an increase of 6.7% ag... :: Our Bureau
Tata Global Beverages, the world’s leading branded tea maker now incorporated im UK, has acquired a minority stake in Activate, a US-based beverage and bottled water firm. Tata Global Beverages along with other investors plans to invest $20 million in Activate... :: Our Bureau
In a significant step toward market entry in India, Starbucks Coffee Company on January 13 has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tata Coffee Limited, one of the region’s leading providers of premium arabica coffee beans, for sourcing ... :: Our Bureau
The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has recently awarded a study to Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, to estimate the current level of processing of perishable food items. According to the Ministry’s Vision Document, based on extensive stakeholder i... :: Our Bureau