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Wine Technology on Intervitis fair in Germany
By M. Winter
Date of posting: 27-04-07
      Intervitis-Interfructa trade-fair ewas held again in Stuttgart from 22. to 26. April 2007. The trade fair had on display machines and technologies for all the steps and processes necessary to cultivate grapes, harvest them, and make wine out of them. Also, similar equipment for fruit processing to make juices was shown.

       Making wine is a sophisticated process. When the harvest has been brought in, the grapes have to be treated and processed in different steps. Depending on the type of grapes - red or white, and the quality of the grapes, especially the content of tannin, the winemaker decides to remove the stems of the grapes in a mechanized process, or leave them in. The same he will decide about the skins of the grapes, and the duration of a fermentation process with or without the skins. The first step is the crushing or pressing of the grapes which happens in smaller or big presses. The juice will be later extracted from the other parts of the grapes.

      On Intervitis, such grape presses have been on display from 23 companies, and they have been an eye catcher due to their size and sometimes interesting forms. Presses are available in different sizes, so every vineyard or vinemaker will be able to find a press which suits his requirements and his actual capacity. Our photo shows the flagship pneumatic press of Willmes, Germany.

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