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Wine Technology Fair in Germany attracts 40.000 visitors
By M. Winter
Date of posting: 27-04-07
      INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 2007, the international lead fair for Wine, fruit and fruit juice technologies in Stuttgart, Germany, has received approximately 40.000 trade visitors from 79 countries. 594 exhibitors have displayed their products and services on a total area of 60.000 sqm. Technologies included the whole value chain from cultivation techniques, harvesting and processing, enology and filling, closing and packing plants and equipments.

      "We are completely satisfied with the fair!" Dr. Rudolf Nickenig, Secretary General of the German Wine Association said. "People are investing again." For the first time, visitors had come from India, Sri Lanka, Kasachstan, and other Asian countries. The number of visitors from Chile, Canada, New Zealand and other increased significantly. In total, the number of visitors from abroad had risen by 6,5%.

      A wine symposium organized by the German wine association was also well attended by 1400 persons. According to Messe Stuttgart, experts from Grover Vineyards and Sula Wines from India were in the audience.

      Exhibitors were quite satisfied with the fair. Exhibitors spoken to had gained new contacts out of which new orders might develop. The stream of visitors was a little low on the first day of the fair, April 22. Being a sunny Sunday, a lot of potential visitors preferred to stay away from the fair and enjoy the free day.

      Southern German wine-growers - to be recognized by their dialects - could be seen checking displayed machines and accessoiries critically: knocking and shaking the machines as a quick stability test or something like that, and commenting about it to each others.

      Whether the number of Indian visitors - only one was seen on the last days, a Punjabi living in Canada - will increase in the future has to be seen. Reason is that the number of wine-growing companies in India is limited, not even 10. In Germany alone, the number of vineyards is more than 50.000. Also, it is known that farms in India have more and more problems to attract workers for the fields. But whether all the working steps should be automated - machines for every single movement are available - is another question to be answered.

      The photo shows destillery technology of Arnold Holstein, Germany.

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