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Reliance Retail’s non-veg “Delight” stores under fire
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Date of posting: 03-04-08
      Reliance’s non-vegetarian retail chain, “Delight” is facing the anger of fishermen who fear that this neat and clean store, alien to meat retailing in India, will affect their livelihood. Delight stores were opened in Andhra Pradesh state just last months, as a first step to their expansion in the rest of the country.

      Reliance had opened six Delight outlets in the last few weeks in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. “We strongly protest the opening of their non-vegetarian retailing store. About 10,000 fishermen and workers in Hyderabad will lose livelihood,” Mr Lellela Balakrishna, Secretary of the All India Fisheries and Fishermen Workers Federation (AIFFWF), was quoted in the local media.

      Keeping in mind the sensitivities of vegetarians, Reliance chose not to mix the vegetarian and non-vegetarian product offerings at one place. And hence, it launched the new format.

      Fish, poultry and meat retailing in India is in the small scale with mostly small fishermen and butchers directly selling to the consumer. Needless to say, cold storage facilities are poor and many retailers can be seen storing meat or fish stored in crude “cold boxes” which are nothing more than metal boxes half filled with ice.

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