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Pesticides in French Wines
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Date of posting: 05-03-13
      A study of more than 300 French wines has found that only 10% of those tested were clean of any traces of chemicals used during vine treatments, various media have reported.

      Sccording to that, Pascal Chatonnet and the EXCELL laboratory in Bordeaux tested wines from the 2009 and 2010 vintages of Bordeaux, the Rhone, and the wider Aquitaine region, including appellations such as Madiran and Gaillac, for 50 different molecules found in a range of vine treatments, such as pesticides and fungicides.

      Results have shown that some wines contained up to nine separate molecules, with 'anti-rot' fungicides the most commonly found. These are often applied late in the growing season.

      The individual molecules were below threshold levels of toxicity, but nothing is known about any accumulation effect, and how the molecules interact with each other. Vineyards in France represent just 3% of agricultural land, but the wine industry accounts for 20% of phytosanitary product volumes, and 80% of fungicide use specifically, reports were saying.

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