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Neera Board in Karnataka supports marketing
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Date of posting: 21-05-07
      The Neera Board was constituted by the Karnataka government to market the value added products from the drink in the state. The Board will consist of representatives from the Neera industry, i.e. farmers, state government officials and Neera training institutes. The key objective of the Board is to inspect and control the quality of Neera and its products, give approvals to labels and come out with various schemes for sale of Neera and its by-products in the international market.

      Neera is a juice obtained daily from stems of palms. The fresh Neera is sweet, oyster white and translucent with a nearly neutral ph. If heated over fire, it will concentrate and become syrup, thus fermentation is avoided. The value added products are jaggery, sugar and chocolate from Neera.

      In many countries, Neera-syrup is used as a health and wellness drink and is mentioned in connection with Aryuveda and other systems of medicine. The fresh Neera is rich in carbohydrates with sucrose as its main constituent.

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