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Mango chutney and milk shake powder: Fun Foods
By M. A. Winter
Date of posting: 16-10-07
      Fun Foods from New Delhi is a player which is quite well established in the local Indian market. Some of its products like the mango chutney are known to many people in India.

      This is also no wonder, as Fun Foods supplies chutneys and salad dressings to restaurant chains like KFC and Pizza Hut, where the products are to be used by guests at their tables. Also, Fun Foods is the main supplier of the sauces used by Subways in India, another restaurant chain which has been founded in the US and expanded to Europe and Asia.

      Fun Foods has just entered the US market and wants to make its way also to European markets, especially Germany, as Ashok Jain, International Sales Manager explained to Besides the chutneys, which are liked in Europe as well, there are other products which could find the interest of the European consumer.

      He showed a range of products like spreads and dips with different tastes like cheese, garlic or mushroom, which can be used on sandwiches and bread instead of butter and cheese or sausage. Another interesting product are milk shake mixes in powder form with the flavours vanilla or butter scotch, for example. The consumer just has to take 2 spoons of the powder, then add milk, and the shake is ready.

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