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Grape cultivation technology on Intervitis in Stuttgart
By M. Winter
Date of posting: 27-04-07
      Intervitis-Interfructa trade-fair ewas held again in Stuttgart from 22. to 26. April 2007. The trade fair had on display machines and technologies for all the steps and processes necessary to cultivate grapes, harvest them, and make wine out of them. Also, similar equipment for fruit processing to make juices was shown.

      Making wine is a sophisticated process. Firstly, one has to make sure that the right grapes are grown, which have then to be properly cultivated and later on carefully harvested. For every workingstep, machines and accessories are available nowadays to make work efficient and to increase productivity. In several halls and in the open space, a visitor to Intervitis could see all the available cultivation technique from narrow track and orchard tractors, deep cultivation machines upto spraying units and huge grape harvesters.

      Narrow track and orchard tractors have been shown by 12 companies, among them Claas from Germany, Carraro from Italy, and big players like Massey Ferguson. The buyer has the choice between tractors of different sizes, especially different widths, according the the layout of his wineyard, and different engines. Some companies from Germany and Austrai had special euipment on display which can move even in vineyards built on steep slopes, a location very common for vineyards in the Middle of Europe. On our photos: a spraying unit of German company Clemens which is built-on and operated from any standard tractor (small photo), and a view into a hall with narrow track and orchard tractors.

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