Business Opportunities in India
Meat products from „Meatzza“ for a growing market
M. A. Winter
Date of posting: 12-03-08
      Darshan Foods Pvt. Ltd. is one of the hidden Indian food champions which have been working undetected by many consumers in the Indian meat market for years.

      Under the brand name “Meatzza”, the company has been selling meat and Indian and European meat products like Frankfurter sausages and salami to hotels all over India and in-flight-caterers since more than 13 years. Nowadays, sales is done also through 17 own delicatessen retail stores in New Delhi and Mumbai, located often within supermarkets, and also through quality retail chains or wholesalers all over India like Spencers or Metro, from where the consumers can buy all the liked products directly.

      “We can deliver our goods in chilled or frozen form”, Rajiv Jaisinghani, Managing Director of Darshan Foods Pvt. Ltd. told “The chilled business we are doing is in fact a re-launch, as we had done this already earlier. But the logistics problems had forced us to stop that, and we continued with frozen only, as this is easier to handle than chilled transports. But nowadays, it is no problem to send a thermo-controlled chilled truck from our factory to South-India”, he added.

      “The meat market is rapidly growing”, he said when asked for his opinion about the market trend. This more or less abstract trend had a very realistic appearance in form of a very good number of visitors and buyers at his stall - one even from a well-known global player.


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