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Al Kabeer’s meat processing plant in the Middle East
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Date of posting: 11-09-07
      India's Al Kabeer group, one of the most successful frozen and processed foods companies, has announced plans to establish a processing plant in Saudi Arabia. "Our plan for Saudi operations is due to growing demand for our products in the Kingdom and elsewhere in the region," Ghulam Muhammad Shaikh, managing director of Al Kabeer Exports Ltd., said in Jeddah yesterday, according to a news agency report.

      The project will be the company's sixth plant, which is already running four processing plants in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Sharjah and the UK, he added. Al-Kabeer's fifth processing plant is due to commence operations in Dubai in November.

      "Al Kabeer products have not only become popular among the Saudis, but also with major catering companies," Zaid Muhammad Al-Shabibi, chairman of Al-Jufailah Corporation, the sole agent for the group's products in the Kingdom, was quoted as saying by the Arab News.

      The Sharjah plant was set up in 1982 and averages a production of over 850-900 tonnes per month. According to Altaf G Shaikh, director of Al Kabeer operations in Dubai, demand for processed foods is showing strong growth not only in the Middleast but also across the world. Founded in 1974, the group has evolved into a multiproduct business with offices, processing units and cold storages located in over 15 countries.

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